Who are you?

Tell me a bit about yourself, if you don’t mind.  Keep it short or better yet, make it long. Tell me stories!!  I love stories!   Copy, paste and reply on here or post it on your blog and leave me a link.


1.  Where do you live?

2.  What is your favorite season?

3.  Something good about you.

4.  Something bad about you.

5.  Wizard or Warrior?

6.  Truth or Dare?

7.  Spare time spent doing: reading/writing/singing/watching/dancing/drinking/listening?

9.  Where are you in the birth order? (I’m oldest of 8)

10. Introvert or extrovert?


Revised May 18 2014




49 thoughts on “Who are you?

  1. In reply to your questions
    1. I am from Nigeria
    2. I am about 42
    3. The Golden Child starring Eddy Murphy
    4. I am a mother through and through
    5. Have a very bad temper…gives my husband a very hard time
    6. Less than a year, I think I started some time in January
    7. Very attached
    8. I have a problem with remembering book titles let alone authors, but it had to do with machine creatures from outer space trying to take over planet earth and make it their home
    9. Number 4

  2. You are the first person I have talked to from Africa. Very cool! I don’t have a temper but know many who do. I also started blogging a little in January. I think I saw that movie, but I have a bad memory. I do love most of movies Eddy Murphy was in. There are 5 girls and 3 boys in our family. What do you have in yours? Thanks for commenting and following. I look forward to following yours.

  3. 1. Where are you from?
    Cape Town, South Africa

    2. Approximately how old are you?
    Uncertain as spirits are eternal, but my body is 51

    3. What’s your favorite movie?

    4. Tell me something good about you.
    I love Life
    I love Love
    I love humanity

    5. Tell me something bad about you.
    Intolerant of incompetence

    6. How long have you been blogging?
    A noob

    7. Single or attached?

    Caught up in this wonderful love triangle with Jesus and my darlingmost wificle, an affaire that has been going on for 26+ years now

    8. What’s the last book you read?
    Why I Left Jihad

    9. Where are you in the birth order? (I’m oldest of 8)

    Middle of 3

  4. 1. I am from Sheboygan, WI
    2. I turned 57 yesterday. (Really? 57?)
    3. My favorite movie? Hmmm…I like going to movies and watching movies, but once they are over, I pretty much forget everything about them!
    4. I guess I’m a decent writer and fairly intelligent.
    5. I am sarcastic and impatient.
    6. I’ll be married ten years in October.
    7. I think it was called The History of Love. I read it for my book club. I thought it was mediocre. I’m reading The Art of Fielding right now.
    8. I am the second of 8 kids.

    • Takes me a while sometimes to respond. I grew up in your area. Lol…
      I too am sarcastic and working on that as it gets me in trouble all the time. How was The Art of Fielding?

  5. HI I’m Jasmine you visited my blog and followed it today! I just wanted to stop by and say THANK YOU! OK now to your questions…
    1. Iowa
    2. 34
    3. It changes but right now anything Agatha Christie
    4. I’m a wonderful mother and wife and I am a talented artist!
    5. FAT I have to much FAT!
    6. Over a year now!!!
    7. I am HAPPILY Married!!! 🙂
    8. Game Of Thrones 4th book can’t remember the title!
    9. First Born of 2

    • What brought you to the north country? Never read Agatha but would probably like it. Started my great reading adventure in the mid 60’s with some, found in the attic, Nancy Drew. I was a good Mother, still am and a good wife, not anymore, though. I love the Game of Thrones! Have the books but haven’t read them. Right now I am happy to watch. My fav tv show.

      • Oh yeah, I hear you on that fat thing. An extra 20 in the last 2 years has gone everywhere with extra to the girls. I told my sisters the other day that it looks like a bought a pair. and I don’t need any more. Lol…

  6. 1. Where are you from?
    planet earth

    2. Approximately how old are you?
    late 80’s/early 90’s childhood

    3. What’s your favorite movie?
    schindlers list/legends of the fall

    4. Tell me something good about you.
    super patient

    5. Tell me something bad about you.
    borderline perfectionist

    6. How long have you been blogging?

    7. Single or attached?
    rather complicated

    8. What’s the last book you read?
    americanah by chimamanda ngozi adichie…excellent read!

    9. Where are you in the birth order?
    2nd of 5

    i really like your Q/A’s…great way to get to know your visitors/followers!!

  7. 1. Where are you from?
    Born and raised in South Jersey
    Retired and living in South Delaware.

    2. Approximately how old are you?
    57 years young.

    3. What’s your favorite movie?
    It is a classic, Native Son.

    4. Tell me something good about you.
    I love to travel, love life and people.

    5. Tell me something bad about you.
    I am an attention seeker.

    6. How long have you been blogging?
    Since February 28th 2013.

    7. Single or attached?
    Soon to be single, and praying
    to be attached!

    8. What’s the last book you read?
    The classic To Kill A Mockingbird.
    I read it once a year.

    9. Where are you in the birth order? (I’m oldest of 8)
    I am the oldest of 3 brothers. The spoiled girl. 🙂

    • Not many people respond to this and I thank you for yours. I like to know who you are and there are some things that are telling. Thanks!! Hey, I am older!! Have not read To Kill a Mockingbird for atleast 40 years. An oldest!! Woo Hoo!! There is a book for you to read, Birth Order. Very interesting stuff.

  8. 1. Northern California

    2. 60

    3. “What’s Up, Tiger Lily?”

    4. I’m a gentle soul

    5. I procrastinate

    6. “Blogging”? A few years… “Writing things down that I think about?” Most of my life.

    7. Married 30+ years

    8. “The Garden of Invention: Luther Burbank”

    9. Only child.

    • Sorry, missed this. Thanks for responding! Have not seen this movie or read that book but will put it on my list to check out. An only child, I have one of those, close to being like an oldest. Thanks again for stopping!

  9. 1. Born in Pietermaritzburg, South Africa. Grew up in southern Ontario, Canada.

    2. 65

    3. I don’t watch movies, and so don’t have a favourite.

    4. I run.

    5. Can’t think of anything bad.

    6. Since 2009.

    7. Married.

    8. On Architecture: Collected Reflections on a Century of Change, by Ada Louise Huxtable.

    9. Older of two.

    • Thanks for your response, Alan. I like to know something about the people I follow. Sometimes things make more sense. By the way I got the book you mentioned in your blog on enlightenment. Love to read things like this, just finished the introduction and got to chapter 1.

  10. 1. Where are you from?
    San Diego, CA

    2. Approximately how old are you?
    Late, late, late 40’s

    3. What’s your favorite movie?
    Anne of Green Gables

    4. Tell me something good about you.
    I feel deeply

    5. Tell me something bad about you.
    Struggle with co-dependency

    6. How long have you been blogging?
    One year. I had another blog which I took down…it was more negative…getting past an abusive friendship

    7. Single or attached?
    Married for 28 years

    8. What’s the last book you read?
    Christians and Sociopaths

    9. Where are you in the birth order? (I’m oldest of 8)
    3rd (two older sisters and one younger brother)

  11. 1.) I’m from South Carolina.

    2.) I’m 14 years old.

    3.) My favorite movie is “The Truman Show”

    4.) I’m very loyal to my friends.

    5.) I can become way to emotionally invested in the struggles other people are experiencing.

    6.) I just started my blog last week:)

    7.) Single

    8.) Sophie’s World (a philosophy book for school)

    9.)I’m the oldest of 6 children.

    • I have been slacking on my reading, even stopped posting for a few months. Thanks for letting me know a little about you. When you answered #5 as being way too emotionally invested, I already assumed you to be an oldest child. Get use to it, especially with your siblings. It wasn’t until I read The Birth Order Book, that I understood the whys. I now know that it is my role in the family to be so invested and watch over and advise. My role is not so welcomed by my sibs so I do have to watch it but at least we all now understand why I do it. Check the book out sometime, don’t wait until you are in your 50’s. Now I am going to go read some of your blog.

      • I’ve been wanting to get my hands on that book for a while now! It sounds so interesting. 🙂

  12. 1. Where are you from?

    This is a very difficult question for me to answer. I’m Lebanese, but lived in Saudi Arabia, Canada, Lebanon and Qatar—not in that order. I can easily say I’m Canadian and I can say I’m Lebanese. I was born in the US and went to American schools everywhere but in the US because I never lived there.

    It’s complicated. Let’s leave it at that.

    2. Approximately how old are you?

    Turning 28 next month. (1986 baby)

    3. What’s your favorite movie?

    Oy, that’s a tough one. I don’t really have favorites. But movies that I watch every time they’re on include V for Vendetta, Napoleon Dynamite and The Other Guys. I enjoy Forrest Gump and The Shawshank Redemption is awesome. I love a well-told story or absurd humor.

    4. Tell me something good about you.

    I have a really strong sense of humor, and I’m a pretty good listener if you need one.

    5. Tell me something bad about you.

    I’m a Class A procrastinator and can be really bloody lazy.

    6. How long have you been blogging?

    Since 2006, on different platforms.

    7. Single or attached?

    Single and, so far, I’m not lookin’.

    8. What’s the last book you read?

    I’m in the middle of a couple, but the last published book I read was Tweak by Nic Sheff.

    9. Where are you in the birth order? (I’m oldest of 8)

    I’m the second of three girls. Middle child, FTW! Best of both worlds.

    • Thanks for taking the time to do this. It’s always interesting to see what the answers are. I am also a big time procrastinator and have a sense of humor that has taken me through my 58 years. Good for you on being in no hurry to find a partner, be picky, in a good way. I have much advice on that one. I am in the middle of a bunch of books, some I will have to start over as I forget what I read. Mostly nonfiction. Thanks again for stopping!!

  13. 1. Where are you from? Grew up in Maryland but lived in Hawaii for 11 years. In my heart, I am from Hawaii.

    2. Approximately how old are you? Sadly 60 now. It seems I was 18 just a few weeks ago. Time went by when I wasn’t looking.

    3. What’s your favorite movie? I don’t know. Dances with Wolves or the Life of Pi, or maybe both.

    4. Tell me something good about you. I love to sing and I am good at it. 🙂

    5. Tell me something bad about you. Disorganized. Over the years, I’ve lost my glasses on top of my head many times. I’d be better off with no things at all—that way I wouldn’t have to organize anything but myself.
    6. How long have you been blogging? 2 years in May

    7. Single or attached? Attached

    8. What’s the last book you read? The Secret Power of Music

    9. Where are you in the birth order? (I’m oldest of 8). I’m second oldest of 9….but I am the oldest daughter (built-in family babysitter).

    Link to my website is: http://storieswithnobooks.com/

  14. Thanks for stopping by! I’ve been to Hawaii twice, beautiful place. We are close to the same age, I hit 59 in a couple weeks and yes, in my head I am 17 or 27, sometimes 7. I also was not paying attention as much as I do now. To have it over again with this knowledge…
    Love Dances with Wolves, I see he has a new movie coming out. I love to sing, not good at it but belt them out anyway. Funny that you mention your glasses, that has happened to me a few times in the last couple months, sometimes they are on my face. Oldest daughter, you probably have the oldest traits then. I talk about it all the time now but it is so right on most of the time. Birth order, that is. It explains so much of who I am and why I do what I do. The Birth Order Book. Good, interesting read.

  15. Hi! What a great idea! I am going to steal it for my blog, which has not yet started. I great way to get people to interact, and meet people! I did not think there was anything left to talk about that already isn’t, but have been convinced to just to it for me!

    1. Where are you from?

    now – Milwaukee, WI I see another Wisconsinite here!

    2. Approximately how old are you?

    To quote my grandmother: “Beyond the age at which a lady tells”. 40’s. And to any of you youngsters out there, it goes so fast. One day you will wake up and have no idea how you got here. I don’t feel as “old” as I am. I took a quiz on FB that told me my ‘mental age’ was 26 so I’m feeling pretty good about that.

    3. What’s your favorite movie?

    Oh, who can have just one! It will be the one I remember at this moment…Shawshank Redemption.

    4. Tell me something good about you.

    I care for homeless people and animals.

    5. Tell me something bad about you.

    I am often late, yet secretly don’t feel guilty because I think Americans’ are way too anal about time and punctuality, hence great incidence of high blood pressure, cardiac disease and the myriad of other stress related disorders (which is every disorder)!

    6. How long have you been blogging?

    1 day.

    7. Single or attached?

    Single. When I was young enough to be “marriable”, I dated musicians, and artsy, creative types. Often dumping nice attorneys, accountants, and doctors. I need not say more. Youngsters, also… take note!

    8. What’s the last book you read?

    Oh its late… I can’t remember the last title. “Click to Calm” Training the Aggressive Dog” I am a fledgling dog trainer, brought on by necessity. I saved a abandoned dog who was bleeding (to death, he slit an artery). So, I had to take him home. (Are these supposed to be long or short answers? You’re getting long). He healed up and I started training him and teaching him manners and he was the most loving dog I’ve known. Except he had one issue. He did not like strangers. He would never hurt me. But pretty much anyone he was unsure of he wanted to kill. Being a 65 # pit bull, a ‘type’, not breed, of dog so many people have misconceptions about; these was not going to bode well for him. He needed a “behaviorist” (doggie psychologist). These are very expensive. I need a ‘behaviorist’, and cannot afford one! So, if figured I was all he had and I better figure out what these people did. I talked to trainers, behaviorist, with my personal professional background, I already new most of the basic theory, just needed to learn “dog”… read a lot, met a really good one with not so good writing skills,. In exchange for free teaching and training advice, I edit his webpage and write articles! In doing that, he says I will be able to pass the 2 two levels of testing to be a dog trainer/behaviorist. And my boy, he’s alive and well and now the love of my life!

    9. Where are you in the birth order? (I’m oldest of 8)

    Oldest of 5!

    Thanks! I’ll answer these in Deb if you want to check it out.

    • I relate to much you say in here, possibly that oldest syndrome again. Read this one, http://getoutamyhead.com/2014/04/23/is-this-you/
      Always late or driving way too fast because I am about to be late. My Michael lived in Milwaukee and my brother lives there now. I have siblings scattered over the east part of Wisconsin from Door County down to Milwaukee. I’m about an hour above Green Bay.
      Very cool on the dog thing. My ex and I had Staffordshire Bull Terriers for 20 years and were very good friends with “our breeder”. Love the bully breed!! Our “kids” were show dogs, only showed the female a couple times but our male was a big champion. Very political, that show thing. We didn’t do it but our breeder did. We would show up with Bodie, she would show him and we would go home and be a normal family. He was not a foo-foo spoiled dog. My granddaughter loved him, called him her dog, he would run when she came over, too much attention but he would take it eventually. My son now has a rescue Staffy for his 9 & 5 yr old.
      I was, what my ex would call, Mean Old Mama. I disciplined and trained the dogs. I was not mean but they listened to me. Never have to hit a dog or a child, they just need to some good training. They didn’t tug the leash when I walked them, They didn’t beg for food from our guests. I hate going to homes with undisciplined dogs as well as undisciplined kids.
      I so much want to hear about your process on being a dog trainer/behaviorist. Please let me know when you get your blog up and running, I would love to follow. Thanks for stopping and by all means use this idea of the questions, I got it from someone else also.

  16. I think this is a really clever way to get people to interact with you. I might even consider following in your footsteps! 😛
    1. I am currently living in South Africa – riding elephants and stuff like that. 😉
    2. I am approximately 19 years, 1 month, 7 days, 13 hours and 1 minute. Roughly.
    3. The new animation, Frozen, has captured my heart. I love it too much considering my approximate age.
    4. I would like to think that there are many good things about me. I try my best to make those around me laugh. It may sound small but it makes me feel good knowing I make others smile.
    5. I get let my frustrations get the best of me at the worst times.
    6. I started blogging about 2 months ago. Yes, I am still a baby in the blogging world.
    7. I am as single as a pringle and ready to mingle! 😉
    8. Oh goodness. I haven’t found a book that really grabs my attention in a while. If we are being honest here, the last book I read was probably 50 Shades of Gray. If you know anything worthwhile, feel free to let me know.
    9. I am the oldest of two. My younger brother has just turned 16. I love him to bits. He is the only boy that will never break my heart.

    • Riding elephants and stuff like that, very cool!! I have not seen Frozen and don’t know if I will. I also like to make people laugh and if there is nobody around, I laugh at and with myself. Love laughter! Stay single as a pringle and don’t rush that mingle thing. You will know what I mean in 5-10 years or maybe not. I did not read Shades of Grey, maybe someday, not because I am a prude, just not sure if I will like a book on it. Glad you love your little bro, love a couple of mine also. Just hung out yesterday and today with a few of my sisters. I can only do it for a while. I love being home with only my man.

  17. I LOVE this idea. I might have to borrow it! 🙂
    1. Where are you from? Chicagoland area

    2. Approximately how old are you? 40ish- (while I can say it!)

    3. What’s your favorite movie? So very many- Four Weddings and a Funeral, Sleepless in Seattle, When Harry Met Sally, While You Were Sleeping

    4. Tell me something good about you. I am fiercely protective of the people I care about.

    5. Tell me something bad about you. When I lose my temper, it gets pretty ugly.

    6. How long have you been blogging? I’m a newbie- less than month?

    7. Single or attached? Attached

    8. What’s the last book you read? Z: A Novel of Zelda

    9. Where are you in the birth order? (I’m oldest of 8) I’m the oldest

    • Chicagoland, huh. Bears fan? Packer hater? It’s okay. Big Packer fan, love football. Don’t hate anyone, even the Bears. Even have my own Fantasy League. Hard to find any women except one of my sisters to be in it, the rest are guys. I think I saw Harry meeting Sally not the rest. Is that with Billy Crystal? I am also protective, I am thinking because we are oldests. I do not lose my temper anymore. Very helpful in situations. I will have to check out the book, always looking for a new one. Thanks for reading and responding.

      • No football for me and no strong feelings for the Bears or the Packers. 🙂 Yes, Harry is Billy Crystal. Thanks for replying! 🙂

  18. 1. Where are you from?
    I living in a small town in New Hampshire

    2. Approximately how old are you?
    34 years old

    3. What’s your favorite movie?
    I have a bunch but here are a few: Shawshank redemption, Spaceballs, Pride and Prejudice, and Underworld.

    4. Tell me something good about you.
    I am a unique soul. When people meet me, they always say they love being around me. I ask why and they always say because there is just something about you that I enjoy.

    5. Tell me something bad about you.
    I fart all the time…….more since I have gotten sick. I always have my kids busting out in laughter over it. I’m the fart machine ahahahahahaha

    6. How long have you been blogging?
    2-3yrs just a family book I call our “family book”
    3-4 months for Ever Changing
    3 days for Embracing The Seasons

    7. Single or attached?
    attached, at least for now 😉

    8. What’s the last book you read?
    an exotic book called

    9. Where are you in the birth order?
    I am the oldest of 2….a small family, not like my own

    ****I really love this idea. I am going to do this, if you don’t mind. I will reference your blog in it. This was a lot of fun. Thanks 🙂

    • New Hampshire, never been, but is on my list. Saw all the movies except Pride and Prejudice. Glad to meet a unique soul, I feel so many of us are. Farting… Glad that you love blogging so much that you have 3 of them. I have trouble posting on just one. “Attached, at least for now.” Interesting answer. C’mon what was the book called. Glad to meet another oldest!! Thanks for responding!

      • It’s a great little state, especially if you know all those awesome little spots that only locals know. But don’t worry I don’t mind sharing 😉
        I do love blogging but my love for it was very slow. I started with my family blog instead of doing a baby book, I did a family book (blog) I called our Project life. Then I started my creative/artist one that I love so much. I love it more now because people are interacting with me. Which I get so excited for because honestly I didn’t think anyone would read it, because it is just little ol’ me. So, I am glad I was wrong. It has been the best thing I did for myself over the last few months. I am glad I we met through our blogs and look forwards to reading more of you and your blog 🙂

  19. 1. Where are you from? London, UK

    2. Approximately how old are you? Almost half way to fifty lol

    3. What’s your favorite movie? The lovely bones, The Call and Brown Sugar.

    4. Tell me something good about you.
    I’m a good listener

    5. Tell me something bad about you.
    I can be very blunt at times

    6. How long have you been blogging? For a month or so

    7. Single or attached? Single

    8. What’s the last book you read? The Lovely Bones

    9. Where are you in the birth order? Technically the oldest lol

  20. I have not been to Europe but definitely want to get there someday. London would be on that list of places. I have this desire to visit castles. I think I have The Lovely Bones on my kindle but have not read it and do not know the second, but will check it out. Good listening is so important. I spent time with 2 of my sisters this weekend and realized they are or can be very bad listeners and it can be frustrating. I listen so much more than I used to. Too many people are too ready to talk and don’t hear what is said. Blunt can also be good but can get you in trouble. I know that from experience. Hello to another oldest or technically so, anyway. Thanks for stopping!!

  21. 1. I’m from Antigua – an island in the Eastern Caribbean. One of the smaller ones. Population about 10,000.
    2. We have only two seasons here – a dry season and a rainy season. But I prefer the Carnival season although we are presently in the election (silly) season. We vote next month thank God.
    3. A good attribute: I always say “please” and “thank you”.
    4. A bad attribute: I don’t have much self-restraint and instant gratification will be the death of me.
    5. I don’t usually see things coming, but I’m usually up for a good fight – when I can no longer avoid it.
    6. Always truth. Daring would keep me up at night.
    7. My spare time is spent reading, doing some gardening and watching TV for blog inspiration.
    What’s no.8?
    9. I’m the second of two girls, but quite a few people seem to think that I’m the older one.
    10. Definitely an introvert when I was younger. Now not so much. It’s no longer practical.

    • Sorry, so late. I saw this when you first posted and said I will get back to it.
      Does Antiqua have mosquitoes or other biting bugs that cause itching? I use the strong word, hate, when referring to them. I love tropical otherwise. Carnival sounds like fun, someday I would love to experience it.
      Please and thank you, great words. I use them and taught my son the same. He also uses Sir and Ma’am, even at 36 years old.
      I can have great restraint but not always.
      I tend to see things coming, very useful when others don’t. Annoying to them sometimes but, that’s okay.
      I tell truth but, love a good dare.
      Love to read, no longer have a garden except for a couple rhubarb plants and watch TV most evenings.
      My sister and I are only a year apart and whereas I once thought she was more like an oldest, I am now more aware, I am definitely the oldest. We are complete opposites, though. That is something I read. Number one child is usually complete opposite of number two.
      Same with me, very shy as a child but I can hold my own now. I am not one to get up and public speak though.
      Thanks for answering. I love to get to know people.
      By the way, I did sell the property and took the lower price. I was going to use the money to buy in to my sisters cabins and property on the Island. Now, after finding out that my cousin has my Papa’s house up for sale, I am thinking of buying that. Kicker is, my ex says he will give/lend me half of it. Good idea? I am still thinking it over. We are going to the Island today so I can see the house and cottage. I haven’t been in them for over 20 years. Lots of memories coming up. Praying hard on this decision.

      • Sadly yes, we do have mosquitos that come out in the evening. However, I don’t know if you’ve heard of chikungunya disease. It’s spread by a mosquito as well, but they’re calling it a day biter, so apparently we can’t win.
        Anyway, it’s not fatal as dengue can sometimes be.
        I tend not to feel the mosquitos until they roll off me after gorging themselves on my blood so I don’t go outside anymore (:
        As for buying your Papa’s house, is there a catch re your ex? And when will you know whether he will give the money or loan it?
        Anyway enjoy your visit.

      • There is one thing he asked although it’s not a deal breaker. He wants it to be willed to him if I go first. It will eventually end up in my sons name. I am going to ask if he will give and lend. I walked away from a lot when I left only asking for some money and the property I just sold. He got the house and property plus an additional 6 bare land properties.

      • I think he is more worried about my sons significant other and her spending habits. He wants to make sure it stays in the family and doesn’t get sold because she wants the money. He doesn’t want it for himself.

  22. This is fun 🙂 glad I stumbled upon your blog!

    1. Where do you live? Currently in Atlanta. Originally from western Canada.

    2. What is your favorite season? Hmmm – there are merits to each, but probably Autumn.

    3. Something good about you. I really & truly like to be helpful. Oh, and I’m a vault in the Elaine Benes way.

    4. Something bad about you. I get bored easily.

    5. Wizard or Warrior? Wizard!

    6. Truth or Dare? Truth.

    7. Spare time spent doing: reading/writing/singing/watching/dancing/drinking/listening?
    Pretty much all but watching.

    9. Where are you in the birth order? (I’m oldest of 8) Youngest of 3.

    10. Introvert or extrovert? An extrovert who really likes downtime.

  23. Dear Deb.

    What a clever way to engage people. Count me as another fish on the line. We all like to talk about ourselves, don’t we?
    1. Where do you live?
    Belton, Missouri just south of Kansas City.

    2. What is your favorite season?
    It’s a tossup between Spring and Autumn. Anything that doesn’t involve extreme heat, cold, ice or snow. (This is why I live in the Midwest, right?)

    3. Something good about you.
    When it comes to friendship I’m loyal to a fault.

    4. Something bad about you.
    I’m a terrible procrastinator and I have panic attacks.

    5. Wizard or Warrior?
    According to my friend who dubbed me “Rocky” I’m a warrior.

    6. Truth or Dare?
    Truth. Honest even when it gets me in trouble.

    7. Spare time spent doing: reading/writing/singing/watching/dancing/drinking/listening?
    Mostly writing these days. I love to swim and i work out.

    9. Where are you in the birth order? (I’m oldest of 8)
    Youngest of two. Mostly I’m out of order. 😉

    10. Introvert or extrovert?
    I’m a social media extrovert and something of a drama queen in performance, having done liturgical mime and dance for large audiences as a ministry for years. But in the midst of a crowd I’m definitely an introvert.



  24. 1. Lahore, Pakistan. But mostly in my head.

    2. Summers.

    3. People trust me.

    4. I trust people.

    5. Wizard.

    6. Dare.

    7. Listening to the world.

    9. 1/4

    10. Introvert.

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