Janathon Day 11 & 12

Yesterday I never went outside.  I did do some squats and lifting while watching my Packers beat the Cowboys.  With some great game food of bacon wrapped jalapeno poppers, My Michael and a win, it was a pretty good day.

Today we took our 5K walk in 14 F degree temps.  It was another good day.  Late again and I’m going to bed.


Day 13 – 10 Pet Peeves


I said this 30 day challenge would take me more than 30 days, so here is day 13.  I am not doing Day 12 which is the most embarrassing moment because I can’t think of one.  Pet peeves were difficult; I sat here for a couple hours trying to think of things that bug me.  I am pretty patient and like most things, but I guess there are a few that are annoying and here they are.

1.)  Local TV:  Commercials, broadcasters.  For over 20 years I lived in So Cal.  I’ve been back in NE Wisconsin for 2 yrs. now.  I guess I got accustomed to the professional look of commercials. They used actors and spokespeople and if they used someone from the business, they were good.  There are a couple commercials out of Green Bay that I run away from when I hear them come on.  One in particular is horrible.  The woman they use must be the owner or someone’s Mother.  Then there is the local news.  The majority of the women do not know how to dress or do their hair.  This is coming from a woman who cares nothing about fashion.  They are just bad.

2.) Bad Teeth:  I don’t have the best teeth but they are clean and on the white side, not bright white and need cleaning but not bad.  I hate going to the dentist!  If I had bad spots on my teeth that had turned black, I would beg, borrow or steal to do something about it.  There are a few people I know that have those teeth and it’s difficult to focus on what they are saying to me unless I look away.  I’m not obvious and don’t intend to hurt, I just don’t look.

3.) Expensive Teeth:  I’m talking Cee Lo and others who do crazy things, like diamonds or especially gold on front teeth.  Okay, as I think about it, diamonds are okay, gold is just wrong.

4.)  Loud opinionated people: Opinions are something we all have.  But when they are loud and obnoxious, they just annoy.  If you add the fact that they are uneducated on that opinion, I go crazy.  I have a few of those in my family, also.

5.) Drivers at 4 way stops:  You know what I mean, you pull up a couple seconds after another driver, they look at you, you look at them, they don’t know if they should go, you know they got there first and they should’ve already gone.  Then you have the, you go, no, you go.  There are a lot of 4 ways in So Cal and I learned stuff.  I learned patience and impatience as a driver.  Now, a 4 way is a no-brainer for me.  If I get there and nobody moves, I do.  By the time they figure out who should go, I’m gone.

6.) Hollywood Lips:   I honestly don’t care that so many of those women look the same.  But every now and then I see someone and ask “why?”.  The new commercial with Marie Osmond is a great example.  I didn’t recognize her at first.  A pretty woman who now looks like the rest of them.

7.)  Defense that can’t tackle:  When watching my wonderful Packers and for some reason they can’t seem to tackle a player even though 5 guys touched him.  Nuf  said!!

8.)  Women who bad mouth their men:  If there is a problem, talk to your man, talk to a counselor, talk to your pastor, talk to God, talk to a friend who sees  both sides, fix it, stop blabbing to everyone else.

9.)  Tats:  Sorry ladies.  Never liked them on women.  I find some interesting, some are just bad and some look like (my son’s words) trailer trash.  I have a friend that has all of her grandchildren’s name on her calf, plus a rose.  My ex put my name on his arm and that was kinda cool.  He probably doesn’t think so now.  My son went out on his 18th b-day and got one on his arm.  It said, “Pride and Joy of James and Debra”.  I wanted to smack him and hug him.  Then in college he got his GF’s name on his other arm.  They didn’t last and he covered it up with a huge bobcat and mountain.  Yup, he went from a tat that was 1″ X 3″ to something that went from his shoulder down to his elbow.    I have a sister-in-law with tats and nieces with them.  I see nothing I like or would want.  The tats on backs and hips of women aren’t bad but legs are no-no’s for me.  I defend your right to have them but…  Just my opinion.

10.)  Undisciplined kid’s parents:  Touchy subject because we all parent differently.  All I can say is parents shouldn’t complain about their kids being mouthy, overweight, lazy, etc., if they did nothing to help them.  I feel for those kids.  They are in my family, also.

So, I got all 10 and it only took  all of Tuesday evening.  Got up this morning and thought of one more.  I do not like to hear the “f” word come out of peoples mouths when I am having a conversation with them.  If you have to use it to express something, fine but to use it over and over is bad.  I especially cringe when it comes from a woman.  I laugh at it in posts and like I said before, if you feel you must use it to describe something emphatically, go for it but more than once, not good.

I hope I haven’t hit too many nerves.  Just saying!