Juneathon Day 14 – 20

Well, I completely blew that.  Spent a week up with my Dad and looked at buying my Grandparents old home.  That was all good but did not have internet and could not post.  I did things every day including biking, walking, weeding, planting, filling all the bird feeders, cleaning up and cleaning out.  I was Dad’s daughter and son for a week.  We went to the dump and cleaned up the yard.  It was a great time and I did buy my Papa’s house.

I blew it for the Juneathon, though.  No biggy, there’s always next year.

Oh yeah, there was no swimming as Lake Michigan is so flipping cold.  I would’ve been cold in a wet suit even if I had one.

My Life in Three Songs



Until he died, my Papa was my favorite person.  He was more fun, loving, and inspirational than teachers, aunts & uncles, even my parents.  I loved him best!  He whistled, sang, yodeled and danced.  He would grab my grandma and dance her around the kitchen.  She’d swat at him and he would laugh.  My grandparents frequently threw parties out on the lawn for all their friends.  Papa danced with the ladies and when we were visiting, my Mom was his favorite partner.  As I got older, he would dance with me.  I consider our song to be, “Crazy” by Patsy Cline.  Now, when I hear it, I have to dance.  If nobody will dance with me, I dance alone.

American Pie

I’m not sure when it started, but it had to be after most of the siblings were of drinking age.  Being the oldest, that’s a long, long time ago.  At family get togethers, after a few drinks and before the end of the night, we sang.  All siblings, and later, the in-laws, would link arms and belt out all verses of Don McLean’s, “American Pie”.  Sometimes we would have an entire tavern full of people singing.  It’s now family tradition to have the D.J. play that song at all weddings.  People who don’t know us well, start out thinking we are a strange family, but halfway through the song, you see them singing the chorus with us.  For this family, the music will never die.

Who Am I?

As a born again Christian in 1996, I found a love for contemporary Christian music.  I would sing Chris Tomlin’s songs as I cleaned the house or did gardening.  My sister told me about the group, Casting Crowns sometime around 2008.  Loved, loved, loved their music, still do.  I sang their stuff all day long.  I was singing “Who Am I” one day and stopped what I was doing, sat down and really listened to the words.  “You told me who I am, I am yours.”  I cried.  I listened to it again and cried.  I had been singing the song for months.  Why did it affect me at that time?  I’m sure He had a reason.


Writing 101, Day 3.



I heard them coming.  It would be a while before they got too close.

“Come on, woman!  What’s taking you so long?”

She looked down at me, “Don’t talk”.

Sometimes, I forget that rule.  Swearing is okay, saying her name is okay and I had done both in the last hour.  But no conversation is allowed.

Earlier in the day, we walked a mile from the house thinking it would be safe.  We spread out the blanket, put down the picnic basket, ate the sandwiches and cookies.  Then she pulled out the thermos of mojitos she had mixed up.  They went down so easily and were soon gone.

That’s when it began.  She crawled toward me, stopped, sat back and pulled off her t-shirt.  I laid back and waited.  The combination of my woman, mojitos and sunshine was exciting.  She got on top of me.  My God, she was glorious to watch as she moved to a rhythm only she knew.  The pendant she wore, swayed back and forth.

All of a sudden I realized, a mile isn’t far enough.  Our grandson came running over the hill followed by the sheep.  He yelled, “Nana, Papa, can I have a cookie?”

Thank you Jeremy for another great weekend challenge. This one was fun! 

I used the above picture and the words below.

Word bank:

  • mohito
  • pendant
  • safe
  • mile