The Statue Pt. 2

I wake up.  It’s dark.

I’m alone, lying on the blanket.

Did that happen or was it jetlag?

I start to get up, then see him coming.

He approaches with what looks like a rose, hands it to me, helps me up and then kisses me passionately.

I feel something I’ve never felt as he holds me.

When I open my eyes, he’s gone.

Did I dream all that?  Please say no!

I return the next night and every night until I leave.

He waits for me.

This is no dream.  But what is it?

Torvald, what are you?

Continued from yesterdays Friday Fictioneers.  With that in mind I kept this at 99 words.

Part 3 tomorrow

The Statue Pt.1

The Statue


Dad wasn’t happy when I mentioned going to Norway.

Just for a week, I begged, before college starts.

He didn’t say no to me.  It’s his ancestor’s homeland.

I arrive, it’s dusk.  I just want to relax.

I walk to a park across from the hotel.

Spreading out a blanket I notice the statue.  He was magnificent!

It’s dusk, hard to see.  Did he wink?

I sit down, hear a noise, look up.

It’s him, my statue in flesh and blood.

“Torvald” he says.

“Ronnaug” I reply.

He speaks, I don’t understand.

He kisses me, I understand.

The universal language.

Part 2 tomorrow!

Thank you Rochelle for Friday Fictioneers!

Golden Rule


Golden Rule

I was summoned to the center of the room.  Knowing what was expected of me.  This was my punishment.  The crowd of women were excited, screaming my name.

I looked at him.  He never should have climbed the wall.  The danger was far worse than just falling the hundred feet.  As I told him this, his dark eyes told me he wouldn’t obey.  He would come to see me, if only one more time.  The passion we shared that night would have to last a lifetime.

I lifted my sword.  It felt so heavy today.  Up above my head and down quickly.  Those dark eyes now looked at me from his severed head.

Oh, the ache I felt for the broken rules.  Only one here, No Men Allowed!


This was written for Jeremys Wednesday Challenge.  Another flash fiction.

My sister said something to me yesterday about a “cute” lil story I wrote to her.  She said I had a dark side.  So, this is dedicated to my sister, Mary.  A little dark for you.