Monday Morning Spring Snow

Last week we had temperatures around 50 – 60 degrees F. Snow was pretty much gone. But today we got one more taste of the beautiful winters here in Wisconsin.


The Footbridge

Robin in Snow

What’s going on?

Snow Skeleton

Snow skeleton?

Picnic Table Icicle

I saw a family having a picnic here last week.

Swan River (with a goose)

They showed up in the morning and stayed all day.  There were 5 geese at one point and a few ducks.  The swans never moved as I went out on the dock to shoot these pictures.  The goose was a little wary and that’s the shot of him alerting.  He took off after that but returned shortly after that.  It was a great day out there, I probably took over 300 shots.  Please click on the picture to see just how gorgeous they are.

59/365 – December 21 2013 – A Bird Morning

With my eyes barely open, I saw the birds busy outside the kitchen window this morning.


I’m not sure but I think these are Morgansers.  They dive for food and seem to like it right in front of the dock.



There were a half dozen of these guys flying around.  Noisy, but pretty.



The chickadees are always out there but today had to wait until the Bluejays flew off.



I had to look up his name as all I knew him as was a woodpecker.  He is an adult male Hairy Woodpecker and we have them year round.



And of course in midst of it all, the local pileated showed up.  I couldn’t get a great shot of him so I am adding a shot from a month ago.



Always entertaining to watch him on the feeder.



This is a Northern Cardinal and a big, wonderful surprise.  It’s been a long time since I’ve seen one.  I looked it up and they do not migrate.  Also states that a male will fiercely protect it’s territory and will fight itself if it sees it’s own reflection.  Well, that was my morning!!