Juneathon Day 14 – 20

Well, I completely blew that.  Spent a week up with my Dad and looked at buying my Grandparents old home.  That was all good but did not have internet and could not post.  I did things every day including biking, walking, weeding, planting, filling all the bird feeders, cleaning up and cleaning out.  I was Dad’s daughter and son for a week.  We went to the dump and cleaned up the yard.  It was a great time and I did buy my Papa’s house.

I blew it for the Juneathon, though.  No biggy, there’s always next year.

Oh yeah, there was no swimming as Lake Michigan is so flipping cold.  I would’ve been cold in a wet suit even if I had one.

Juneathon Day 10



On my bike ride this afternoon, I saw my second box turtle in three days.  The first one I stopped by and took off the road and this girl was already on the side.  Can’t wait to see the big snapping turtles come out of the river.  It will soon be turtle egg laying season in N.E. Wisconsin.

I biked for 35 minutes and finished my challenges for the day, with a rest day for burpees.

Juneathon Day 9

It’s been a beautiful cool day and we went out early on our bikes.  We did our 6 mile trek down the 3 campground roads.  Today it took us 35 minutes.  It felt great and I get faster every time.  I think the squats have something to do with it.  Lots of hills out there.

The 3 challenges today had me doing: 38 tri dips, 26 push ups, 5 X 5 curls, 35 burpees and 100 squats.

Special Delivery

While riding my bike, I saw an envelope in the ditch .  I stopped, picked it up.  It was addressed to Naomi on Brooks Rd.  Because of the dampness it was no longer sealed.  I pulled the letter out and read it.  OMG!  Suicide note written to her from Sam.  Dated today.  Somehow, dropped after pick up and before delivery to post office.  Maybe there is time.  No return address.  I had to get it to Naomi.  I know the road, half mile from here.  Knock at the door.  “Are you Naomi?”  She reads the letter, screams and gets into her car.  I get on my knees and pray she gets there in time.

Writing 101 Day 5

Juneathon Day 5

Tri-dips 26, Push-ups 17, Curls 6 X 5, Burpees-rest day, Squats 80.

I sprayed myself with some Deep Woods Off and went outside today.  Dragged the kayak down to the river and paddled up and down in front of the dock for about 15 minutes.  Then I jumped on my bike and hit the campground roads for 6 miles.  I forget sometimes that there are very few stretches of flat road, lots of hills and my heart was pumping hard during most of the 35 minutes I was out there.  Hoping to get back out again tomorrow.

Juneathon Day 2

I finished Day 2 of Juneathon 2014 with the 3 challenges from Tribesport.  Squats – 55, Burpees – 10, Tri dips – 14, Push-ups – 8, Curls 3X5.  I would love to go for a run but it was another crazy day with mosquitoes.  Instead I rode my bike as quickly as I could for 40 minutes in the campground.