58/365 – December 19 2013 – From Voyeur to Stalker

My decision to walk this morning really paid off.  I was walking over the dam when a movement caught my eye on the lake side.  It didn’t see me for a couple minutes so I was able to just shoot away.



He/she had a great time just rolling around in the snow or on the ice.



I knew it eventually had to end.  He/she saw me and dove under so I continued my walk over the dam but when I glanced back, there it was.  I turned around and said, “hey big guy”.  It looked at me, barked and slid back down.  We played that for awhile and then I finally left.



Great day for an early walk as he was gone when we took our p.m. walk.

57/365 – December 18 2013 – Another Icy Autumn Day

We took a brisk walk on a cold day to find more beautiful ice on the river.



At the bottom of the dam it wasn’t quite frozen over.



You can see the succession of the ice as it forms from the bank out in to the river.



And of course there is the dam.




Another walk on a great Wisconsin autumn day.

A Photo a Day & 54/365 – November 30 2013 – Saturday Walk

We both took cameras on todays walk.  The plan was to go to the dam and then on to the falls.  At the dam we saw a bird in the water and it didn’t take off when we came close.  We didn’t see any wounds and it didn’t seem sick but didn’t fly away.  When we got home I googled it and now assume it is a common loon.  I read a lot of interesting facts about them and hope the bird was healthy enough to leave



We then went down to the bottom of the dam and got some more shots.

Dam Last Day Nov 2013


It’s been cold this past week and there has been a lot of ice forming.




Are you looking at me?



On the way to the falls we saw these guys out ice fishing.  You wouldn’t catch me out there yet, ice is not think enough.  Crazy!!



Then we walked home and watched the Badgers get beat by Penn State.  It was still a good day.  Can’t wait for tomorrow!

A Photo a Day & 53/365 – November 29 2013 – Many Faces of Sweet

I rarely get out and take photos of people.  So, when there is a family function they know I show up and shoot.  Some like, some don’t.  Dad swore at me(I laughed) and some of the kids ran away.  This sweetie is my sisters Granddaughter and loves my camera.  It was a nice Thanksgiving at my sisters home and great to see a few of my sibs and their families.  Hope all of you had a great day!!