Thursday’s Special: Perspective


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Weekly Photo Challenge: Street Life

This is the campground road taken from our driveway.  It becomes a snowmobile trail in the winter as they do not plow the gravel road.  I walk/run this almost everyday and it is beautiful all year long.  The worst part of it is when the warm season arrives the peacefulness changes to campers and their excitement and pleasure of being surrounded by this beauty.  Wonderful for them, noise and commotion for us.  Ah, the joy of living next to a campground.  I guess it is better than living in the city.  That coming from a woman who prefers the northwood and all that go with it.


Campground road or snowmobile trail in winter.

Campground road or snowmobile trail in winter.

Vivobarefoot Trail Runners

I have had a couple conversations with other bloggers on the shoes we all wear.  I love my fivefinger Bikilas but I can’t wear them when it gets below 35 F.  I tried another pair of minimalist shoes and didn’t like them.  Then I read Alan’s post at  Barefoot Runner regarding the Vivobarefoot Trail Runners.  I bought a pair and have worn them with a thick pair of wool socks all winter.  My feet were warm even through our Polar Vortex.  This was, of course, because of the wool socks but the shoes have roomy toe box and allow my toes to move.  They have a cutout in the treads so it worked well in the snow and some ice.  I love em and can’t wait to run on the trails and roads once the ice is melted.

Love em!

Love em!

Juneathon Day 10

Yesterday was a great day!  Almost as good as today!!  Had to drive an hour to take a test to apply for a job at the local Post Office.  Took it, passed and now will just see what happens.  I haven’t worked for about 2 years and the money I got from the divorce is getting lower.  No worries yet but I don’t want to get in the position of worrying.  

When I got home, we walked about an hour and covered 3.5 miles.  Great breeze and a bit cooler than the last couple days, but the sun was shining and it was gorgeous. Mosquitoes were few.  My Michael walked back home and I went for a short 1.2 mile run for another 15 minutes.  My feet felt good and I probably could’ve gone farther but I wanted to be home.  Last night I did Day 6 of my squat challenge and knocked out 75 of those bad boys.  I feel good today except for a little achilles tightness in my left foot.

Some interesting bugs out there.



Michael took this, but I had to get closer.


I am clueless as to what it is.  Anyone?  N.E. Wisconsin.


Juneathon Day 8


My pictures wouldn’t load, very frustrating.  I switched from Google Chrome, because it was shutting down to often and switched to IE.  That may be the issue as I went back to Chrome and ba bam, here they are.

Yesterday was beautiful, temperature when we ran was 81 degrees F.  It was a bit humid and I could tell that by how thick it felt as I was trying to breath toward the end of the run.  I really haven’t run much lately and I could tell.  We walked to the trail, ran most of the trail, walked at bit and then ran the roads in the campground.  Only a few campers as it is during the week but with most of the schools out now for summer, there will be weekday campers soon. 

I ran and walked for 51 minutes covering 3.5 miles of wooded trails and campground roads.  It was a rest day for squats.

Winter C25K

I am doing week 1, day 4 today.  I did the c25k last year and it really helped with a 5K I did in May.  I just registered for the same run and although I run periodically, I still feel like a rookie.  I would like to better or at least run my time from last year.  I moved back to NE Wisconsin last year but this is the first time I have run in the winter.  It is wonderful.  So much better than the heat and humidity of the summer.  Running in the new snow is like running on the beach.  Today it will be running on roads that have some ice so will have to be careful.  I ran last year at 31 min and right now am running closer to 39, so I have a way to go.  

I try to get my sisters to go outside instead of run on their treadmill but they won’t.  They say it is too cold.  That’s just wrong as they have lived here their entire lives, I left for 20 years.  Oh well, their loss.

It is about 24 degrees F out there which is just perfect.  I am wearing 5 finger vibrams and as long as I don’t get wet, my feet stay warm enough with the finger wool socks.  

Okay, I am off.