Juneathon Day 11

I thought I would try a swim in the river.  I’ve never swam in it before as it is very shallow in the summer.  It’s not at it’s lowest yet and it’s cold, but I went out anyway.  If I stay within 10 feet from the dock I can stay in one place doing the breast stroke.  Any further than that and the current starts taking me downstream.  May sound dangerous but all I have to do is stand up and walk in thigh high water back home.  I swam for 25 minutes and it felt great.

I also finished the other 3 challenges.

Juneathon Day 10



On my bike ride this afternoon, I saw my second box turtle in three days.  The first one I stopped by and took off the road and this girl was already on the side.  Can’t wait to see the big snapping turtles come out of the river.  It will soon be turtle egg laying season in N.E. Wisconsin.

I biked for 35 minutes and finished my challenges for the day, with a rest day for burpees.

Juneathon Day 9

It’s been a beautiful cool day and we went out early on our bikes.  We did our 6 mile trek down the 3 campground roads.  Today it took us 35 minutes.  It felt great and I get faster every time.  I think the squats have something to do with it.  Lots of hills out there.

The 3 challenges today had me doing: 38 tri dips, 26 push ups, 5 X 5 curls, 35 burpees and 100 squats.

Juneathon Day 8

Today was 34 tri dips, 23 push ups, 8 X 5 curls, 25 burpees, 80 squats.

Another busy day with Church, a trip to Goodwill, lunch and back for a nap.  Yes, a nap!  It is Sunday, right?  Besides that, more friggin mosquitoes!!  I am going to look for a natural spray and do it every day and just go out.  I went out to the dock earlier and there was a cloud of them around me. I do not like the word hate but…

I just got an email from my sister Dawn regarding a sisters challenge for fitness and weight loss for 4 weeks.  She threw it out to all of us.  We have been doing this for many years.  When one of 5 thinks she needs some help from the sisters, she throws out a challenge.  We talked and tomorrow we will tell each other what our “rules” are.  We have decided that My Fitness Pal is the one rule we will all abide by.  We will all have 2 more rules for ourselves.  It will go for 4 weeks.  More decisions tomorrow. This is good, as this morning as I dressed for church I felt like a sausage stuffing myself into a casing.  I am at a weight and fitness level I haven’t been at for 20 years.  I want to be healthy and fit as I go in to the last half of my life.


Special Delivery

While riding my bike, I saw an envelope in the ditch .  I stopped, picked it up.  It was addressed to Naomi on Brooks Rd.  Because of the dampness it was no longer sealed.  I pulled the letter out and read it.  OMG!  Suicide note written to her from Sam.  Dated today.  Somehow, dropped after pick up and before delivery to post office.  Maybe there is time.  No return address.  I had to get it to Naomi.  I know the road, half mile from here.  Knock at the door.  “Are you Naomi?”  She reads the letter, screams and gets into her car.  I get on my knees and pray she gets there in time.

Writing 101 Day 5

I Will Survive!

I looked forward to going home every summer.  This year we were doing something different.  This year we would be more active while still having fun, a little quirky, to include all ages.  I couldn’t wait to get on that plane and back to Wisconsin.

The ex was from So Cal and after getting out of the Army in 1978, he decided it was where we would live.  We were there long enough to have a baby, get jobs, move to 3 different homes, spend most of our money and move in with Ex’s divorced father and 3 siblings.  All that in 2 years, until we moved to Wisconsin, my home state.

We settled in a wonderful medium sized town, got good jobs and later put our son into a great public school.  We had it made, on the outside, anyway.  Ex started his construction company.  Good money and a lot of stress.  We built a home in an upscale neighborhood.  One of the jobs he took was remodeling a restaurant and lodge. It was a big project and took many months.  He did this on a handshake.  After it was finished, they didn’t have the money to pay it all.  Bankruptcy, moving out of our custom home, and then too much drinking.

Time to move back to California.  That was at the end of 1989.  Ex went back first and found a house and a job.  Our son and I came out shortly after that.  I had to leave a job I loved for 8 years and my family.

Oops, back to the story and fast forward to 2001.  I go back to Wisconsin for a week every summer.  I go by myself.  Ex is never happy about me going and won’t come with me.  After a few years, I don’t care, I just need to go.

I always end up at my parent’s home on the Island and my 7 siblings come, at least for the weekend.  We had done Christmas in July the years prior.  This year (2001), my brother-in-law suggested we do a family “Survivor”.  There were plenty of emails and phone calls to plan the weekend.  We figured we had between 20 and 30 people with sibs, in-laws, nieces, nephews, my grandma, my parents and a couple friends.  The teams ended up with 12 people each, ages 7 to 81.  We had spouses on opposing teams.  Each team had four siblings, mine with 2 sisters, a brother, Dad and assorted others.  The other had 2 brothers, 2 sisters, Mom, Nanny plus 6 more.

Events included food challenges, basketball shooting, how far can you jump, hit a golf ball and sunflower seed spitting.  We picked teams on Friday night and saw the area my bro-in-law chose for the tribal counsel. Games to begin on Sat morn…

Tribal Counsel

Writing 101 Day 4

Juneathon Day 5

Tri-dips 26, Push-ups 17, Curls 6 X 5, Burpees-rest day, Squats 80.

I sprayed myself with some Deep Woods Off and went outside today.  Dragged the kayak down to the river and paddled up and down in front of the dock for about 15 minutes.  Then I jumped on my bike and hit the campground roads for 6 miles.  I forget sometimes that there are very few stretches of flat road, lots of hills and my heart was pumping hard during most of the 35 minutes I was out there.  Hoping to get back out again tomorrow.

My Life in Three Songs



Until he died, my Papa was my favorite person.  He was more fun, loving, and inspirational than teachers, aunts & uncles, even my parents.  I loved him best!  He whistled, sang, yodeled and danced.  He would grab my grandma and dance her around the kitchen.  She’d swat at him and he would laugh.  My grandparents frequently threw parties out on the lawn for all their friends.  Papa danced with the ladies and when we were visiting, my Mom was his favorite partner.  As I got older, he would dance with me.  I consider our song to be, “Crazy” by Patsy Cline.  Now, when I hear it, I have to dance.  If nobody will dance with me, I dance alone.

American Pie

I’m not sure when it started, but it had to be after most of the siblings were of drinking age.  Being the oldest, that’s a long, long time ago.  At family get togethers, after a few drinks and before the end of the night, we sang.  All siblings, and later, the in-laws, would link arms and belt out all verses of Don McLean’s, “American Pie”.  Sometimes we would have an entire tavern full of people singing.  It’s now family tradition to have the D.J. play that song at all weddings.  People who don’t know us well, start out thinking we are a strange family, but halfway through the song, you see them singing the chorus with us.  For this family, the music will never die.

Who Am I?

As a born again Christian in 1996, I found a love for contemporary Christian music.  I would sing Chris Tomlin’s songs as I cleaned the house or did gardening.  My sister told me about the group, Casting Crowns sometime around 2008.  Loved, loved, loved their music, still do.  I sang their stuff all day long.  I was singing “Who Am I” one day and stopped what I was doing, sat down and really listened to the words.  “You told me who I am, I am yours.”  I cried.  I listened to it again and cried.  I had been singing the song for months.  Why did it affect me at that time?  I’m sure He had a reason.


Writing 101, Day 3.