Who am I?

If you don’t like me, you don’t know me!

If you know me and don’t like me, something is obviously wrong!

I used that first sentence in a job interview and got the job.

Words I use to describe me:

  • Lazy, Witty, Risk taker, Lover
  • Defender, Dreamer, Fearless, Fearful
  • Advisor, Warrior, Procrastinator, Lover of Knowledge

I asked my sisters and My Michael for three words that come to mind when they think of me.  Michael did not stop at three.


  • Creative, Smart, Funny
  • Loving, Selfless, Nurturing
  • Generous, Empathetic, Analytical
  • Thoughtful, Organized, Patient
  • Gifted, Talented, Humble

Sister #1:

  • Opinionated, Happy, Strong (These are words that also describe her)

Sister #2:

  • Persistent(I had to text her a couple times to get these), Forgiving, Crazy, Sociable(not like a butterfly)

Sister #3:

  • Wise, Sister, Hilarious (Wise old owl was the first thing she said)

Sister #4:

  • Happy, Unfiltered, Honest

I think opinionated, unfiltered and persistent are as far as the sisters wanted to go.  I am the oldest and they may still fear me.  Although, I never beat them, only my brothers.

I am living out my dream in a cabin in the woods, with an amazing man.  We dated as freshmen in H.S. and now get our second chance.  We’re rockin it!

I was a good wife for 34 years.  I stayed too long.

I co-owned a construction company.

I have no problem with hard work.

I compete in a few 5K’s and an annual Triathlon.

I laugh all the time.

I cry sometimes.

I have never been happier.

I love the Lord!

I am not a writer or photographer but do both in my blog.

I write and photograph on no particular subject, just whatever comes to mind.

I love to read your comments and I will reply.  I am not a collector of people just for the numbers.  If you read my posts, please comment.  I blog for the interaction.  I want to know you.  Please check out my “Who are you” page.  I am just Deb and this is a bit of “Who am I”.

This was revised on May 17, 2014



48 thoughts on “Who am I?

  1. Most enjoyable conversational writing…confirming that you are definitely related to Mary. Kayaking, weight training, biking and walking are a wonderful combination of sports. I laud your physically active life.

  2. Great and interesting little descriptive read!

    Yanno, I read that alot – about not being a writer, but I honestly believe that if you can put it down on paper or punch it in on the keyboard, you write. I LOVE having the experience of reading someone’s personal experiences, no matter how skilled they are at articulating it with written words. There is just something about true experience that moves me, especially when I can relate.

    Look forward to spending some time going through your bloggies. Thanks so much for the visit!

    Miss Lou

    • Thanks! I too love to read other peoples personal experiences. Sometimes I like it more with out all the descriptions that come from experienced writers. Thanks for stopping. Sorry so late on this.

      • You’re welcome – and no problem at all Deb – I am the EXPERT a delayed responses, Often neglecting my blog and all my readers for about a month at a time!!

        Miss Lou

  3. Hey Deb, sounds like you enjoy quite a mixture of activities. Are you using Tribesports.com at the moment? I could send you over a badge to link up your profile and your blog if you are. Thanks!

      • Wow, that was a year ago. Back is fine now and I actually checked out tribesports this morning. We bought my Grandparents home last month and have been crazy busy cleaning, painting and fixing it up. It is over 3 hours away plus a ferryboat ride to the Island. My life for the last 30 plus days has been very physical and I get sore but it all feels good. Writing, except journal, has been put on the back burner. Plus we have limited internet access. Life is great but tiring. Hope you are doing well. Thanks for stopping and asking.

  4. Hi Deb, thanks for the follow. A quick glance at your page already impressed and I will surely return to drink in more wisdom.

    My wife and I worked with mostly blind, but also kids with multiple disabilities when we were young, also later with epileptics. There I discovered that I also had absensis, petit mal, etc. Most of these were cured by means of a minor stroke in years to come!

    Have a nice day and enjoy being Deb! 🙂

  5. It is a pleasure meeting you JustDeb. After 16yrs of marriage to my first wife who gave me two lovely daughters and an adventurous start to married life I honestly say you know much more about me than most people do. You see I share very little personal info online out of habit.
    This is because I have been blogging since ’06 and after a few occasions where personal information was used against me I decided that it was better to keep my personal life out of the blogging world. There are all kinds of people and some are just bad.

    Thank you for following me. Eddie

  6. Everyone is important in this world, don’t let anyone tell you different. Thank you for coming by my blog, its nice to get visitors. Take care God bless. Pete 🙂

  7. Hey Deb! I just wanted to thank you for being such a supportive reader. I’m having a fun-filled evening of emergency plumbing and blogging while trying to not rock the boat and knowing you are out there, “liking” me, cheered me up.

  8. Hi Deb! Thanks for following me. I’m new to blogging so I’m still finding my sea legs. I enjoy your style of writing- it’s very conversational- and I look forward to reading more from you.

  9. Hey, nice to meet you Deb. I’m glad you followed my blog so we could meet. I’ll enjoy visiting your blog, too, and encouraging each other to our fitness triumph!

    • Hi there. Sorry, I usually comment when I follow a blog but I had something come up at that moment. I need to get my goals set and then throw them out there with a photo. Taking a walk first, before the next rain. Thanks for hosting the challenge.

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      • Thinking about my own sisters, I can understand why they might feel that way. I imagine my best friends could come up with 3 words easily. My family- not so much?

  11. I like the change. It tells me a lot more about you. I’m going to answer the questions on the other page though. Just give me a minute.

  12. Love it. Wouldn’t that be a great way of employing people – if we knew the truth was being said. Will have a look around your blog now 🙂

  13. Well hello there fellow Wisconsin-ite! I no longer live there, but grew up there (Green Bay) and miss it deeply (minus the winters!). Love your “who am I.” Heading to “who are you” now!

    • Sorry, don’t know how I missed this.
      I am about an hour north of Green Bay. I was born on Washington Island but never lived there. I’m actually headed up there today to see about buying my Papa’s old home and cottage.
      Since moving back here in 2011, I love the winters. Even this polar vortex we had this year. Love snow! My only hate for Wisconsin or at least where I live is mosquitoes. I will check out your site and see where you are now. Thanks for reading and commenting.

  14. I wish we lived closer together. I’d invite you for coffee. We could sit and chat and get to know each other. But this will suffice we will get to know each other here.

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