Janathon Day 3

Started the morning with an hour long walk in the snow.  We got another 3-4 inches during the night and it was still coming down as I trudged the 5K along the campground roads.  After that was a quick shower and drive to Green Bay for shopping and dinner with a friend.  He treated as it is My Michaels 60th birthday on Monday.  I had salmon and shrimp in a jalapeno sauce and have yet to feel any ill effects from it.

The drive home was a little scary as it was drizzly and just below freezing.  We saw about 5 cars off in the ditches and the police were everywhere.  It was a long hour drive home and I tried really hard to keep my mouth shut regarding the speed and my fears.  Home now!  I’m tired.  Janathon Day 3 done!  Good night!

2 thoughts on “Janathon Day 3

    • His birthday is tomorrow but he has meetings and I have a Dr appt in Appleton, so dinner was yesterday with Stevie.
      Yes, it is so good to back at doing something consistently. The Island house has taken its toll on me. I have to figure that out before the warm season comes back. Since we don’t do much for holidays that wasn’t a biggy but I totally see how it is for most. I have to go read your stuff, I am slacking on my reading also. No Packers, so I should have time.

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