Juneathon Day 14 – 20

Well, I completely blew that.  Spent a week up with my Dad and looked at buying my Grandparents old home.  That was all good but did not have internet and could not post.  I did things every day including biking, walking, weeding, planting, filling all the bird feeders, cleaning up and cleaning out.  I was Dad’s daughter and son for a week.  We went to the dump and cleaned up the yard.  It was a great time and I did buy my Papa’s house.

I blew it for the Juneathon, though.  No biggy, there’s always next year.

Oh yeah, there was no swimming as Lake Michigan is so flipping cold.  I would’ve been cold in a wet suit even if I had one.

8 thoughts on “Juneathon Day 14 – 20

    • It’s still racing! I want to go in and change it to look like my childhood days. I need to reign it in and remember it will be a rental for now. Thanks for reading and commenting.

  1. I wondered what had happened to the updates. But June isn’t done yet. Get back on that horse why don’t you?

  2. That is just wonderful Deb. I would have liked to buy my Grandma Em’s house on the island, but Dad talked us out of it. Maybe a regret? Maybe not. I will always have my memories of Grandma and all of us in the house that Grandpa and the boys built from wood sawn in their mill that made it what it was.

    • I am so excited about it. It will remain rentals for now but just keeping it in the family is so cool. Do you know the story of them bringing house over from Plum Island? I wish I could get my uncle up to talk about stuff.

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