The gate was open.  This time he would do it.  Escape!  He would live in the forest.  He was part of the 101st Airborne.   He could do this.  They would never find him.

He moved from behind the wall.  Down the stairs and off he went.  Running like the wind until he thought his lungs would burst.  He stopped.  Safe.  Finally free.

No!  They caught him.  Put him in the chair.  He heard as they wheeled him back, “Nice try for a 95 year old.  He made it 20 feet further this year”.

“Happy Birthday Henry!  Everyone’s waiting for cake.”


Thanks again to Rochelle for Friday Fictioneers!



13 thoughts on “Escape

    • My man’s Mom was known as a “runner” in the home she was in. I would love to have let him go further but I ran out of words.
      Thanks for reading a commenting.

  1. Deb, Sweet story with a surprise twist at the end. Poor old people; they get lost in time. My mother, even with Alzheimer’s found the only door in the nursing home that didn’t have an alarm on it. They found her wandering in the parking lot. She was in her 90″s but thought she was in her 30’s. Well written. 🙂 —Susan

    • My Michael’s Mom made it down the road to her church’s cemetary. The place was not set up for dementia patients. They had to find another one for her. I don’t remember my Grandfather running but I remember once taking him back to the home after a visit back to his home and my Grandmother. He was retired Coast Guard and as we were driving, he was trying to steer “the ship” with the door handle. He was yelling commands like we were in a storm. He was only in his early 70’s when it started.

      • Deb, Mom was in her early 70’s when the dementia started. It was amazing that she lived to be almost 93. Another thing she did in the nursing home was try to show another patient how to open a locked window. She would answer questions with simple answers but couldn’t keep up a conversation. She knew we were family but I’m not sure she knew exactly who each one of us was. The patients each had a wrist band and each door, (except the one she found in the back), had a sensor on it. She received excellent care. They even had a small beauty shop. —Susan

    • Sorry, I missed you comment. Thanks for reading and commenting! I had fun writing this and even more fun writing my most recent. Check it out. Thanks again!

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