Woman in Purple


Mother sends me to pick up Sam from school.  I walk in to the schoolyard as the children are leaving class.  There is a beautiful woman in purple standing to the side.  She holds a gnarled twig in her hand.  As she raises the piece of wood, a little girl yells, “No Mama!”  A flick of her wrist, all the children turn in to sheep.  I run, grab the twig and take off after the herd.  I get in front of them frantically waving the wand.

Sam shakes me.  Was I dreaming?  “Sam, you’re okay”, I say.  Sam replies, “Baaaa”.

Thank you Rochelle for another great Friday Fictioneers picture!


18 thoughts on “Woman in Purple

    • Thanks, Susan! That made me laugh as Michael said the same thing. It was humorous to me with the woman being more mysterious. I will consider doing more with it.

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