Cloud Dreaming

My brother-in-law, a poet, storyteller and photographer.

Through The Door

The boy came to a hill and his favorite tree.
His world was his own, so were his dreams.
He sat in its shade where he would see,
How clouds formed to shape his scenes:
There came a bear right out of thin air,
And a unicorn with a swirly horn,
There swam a dolphin with only one fin
And a chimpanzee, he could clearly see.
He made a wish, then saw two fish,
Where another he swore was a dinosaur.
Looking to the east, he saw a beast,
And a cat all billowy and fat.
So what came forth out of the north?
A dragon pulling a white wagon,
And a giraffe―but only one half.
Out of the west formed what he loved best,
An elephant with its trunk all bent,
And a polliwog that turned into a frog.
It was in the shade of that old tree,

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2 thoughts on “Cloud Dreaming

  1. I really enjoyed this poem. I remember the imaginings of my childhood so well and what a wonderful pallet clouds make for spinning new worlds and magical creatures.

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