Fog copyright-erin-leary-2


Car stalled on a foggy road.

Lights in the distance.

Walked in to that old tavern.

Cigarette smoke, sticky floor.

Men leering.

Almost felt naked.

Used the phone and left.

Getting dark.

Heard voices, drunken laughter.

They were on me so fast.

Thrown on the ground  next to a fence.

Two of them.

Foul breath, sweaty, grunting.

Horse approaching.

Woman rider in shimmering white.

Color of her skin changing.

Black, white, brown, yellow.

They stumbled away.

She turned her horse.

Looked back at me.

With tears.

Chased them down.

In to the fog.


Walked back to my car.


Thanks to Rochelle for the prompt for this weeks Friday Fictioneers Challenge.




Woman in Purple


Mother sends me to pick up Sam from school.  I walk in to the schoolyard as the children are leaving class.  There is a beautiful woman in purple standing to the side.  She holds a gnarled twig in her hand.  As she raises the piece of wood, a little girl yells, “No Mama!”  A flick of her wrist, all the children turn in to sheep.  I run, grab the twig and take off after the herd.  I get in front of them frantically waving the wand.

Sam shakes me.  Was I dreaming?  “Sam, you’re okay”, I say.  Sam replies, “Baaaa”.

Thank you Rochelle for another great Friday Fictioneers picture!

Cloud Dreaming

My brother-in-law, a poet, storyteller and photographer.

Through The Door

The boy came to a hill and his favorite tree.
His world was his own, so were his dreams.
He sat in its shade where he would see,
How clouds formed to shape his scenes:
There came a bear right out of thin air,
And a unicorn with a swirly horn,
There swam a dolphin with only one fin
And a chimpanzee, he could clearly see.
He made a wish, then saw two fish,
Where another he swore was a dinosaur.
Looking to the east, he saw a beast,
And a cat all billowy and fat.
So what came forth out of the north?
A dragon pulling a white wagon,
And a giraffe―but only one half.
Out of the west formed what he loved best,
An elephant with its trunk all bent,
And a polliwog that turned into a frog.
It was in the shade of that old tree,

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