Ring of Fire or My Love of All Things Spicy!!


I’m not sure when I had my first experience with spicy.  It may have been the weak “taco sauce” Mom used for her Wisconsin tacos.  Or, the fact that my uncle pushed me, or tricked me into trying new foods.  Like the time he gave me a bite of his “sirloin steak”.  We were a family of little money and many children, so sirloin was not on the menu.  I loved the new taste, even when he told me it was actually liver.  With that experience in mind, it may have been Uncle Willy’s trickery that began my journey of fearless food discover, including spicy.

Tabasco is my all-time favorite, with its vinegar taste, a definite plus.  I can’t imagine an egg without it.  It was a requirement when eating in the mess hall.  SOS with tabasco was one of the best parts of being in the Army.

When eating at a Mexican Restaurant, I’ll judge it by the salsa they serve when I first arrive.  It must be tasty, and have a bite.

I keep a huge container of pickled jalapenos in the refrigerator and add them to most things.  There is also a container of horseradish that is used regularly.  I know horseradish is not the same hot as a habanero, but I love its “heat”.

I have even been known to put a touch of cayenne in my brownies.  Just enough to have people wondering if there is something different about them.

I won’t say,” the hotter the better”.  I need to be able to taste it, but I do love spicy

14 thoughts on “Ring of Fire or My Love of All Things Spicy!!

  1. I am glad I am not the only one who loves the chocolate and chili combination. My husband baked a cake and put cayenne pepper in it for me.

    Sidenote- did you include a pingback in this post? It posts your post on the daily prompt page.

      • Check out the bottom of my post. I have one for DailyPrompt. I just typed in “DailyPrompt” at the end of my post (you can put it anywhere) then you will need to copy what’s in the address bar on your browser for the Daily Prompt page…


        Next you highlight “DailyPrompt” on your post.

        Click the links (looks like a chain) button.
        A box will pop up
        1st line has http://
        You can delete that and paste the link to The Daily Prompt (the one I pasted above)

        The 2nd line has the highlighted text “DailyPrompt”.

        You hit done, or whatever the option is to complete, and that’s it! Finish editing, adding tags, whatever else you need to do and you can post. I always go on my page after to make sure it takes me to the right page.

    • I love wasabi and make terrible faces when I eat it. I hold a napkin over my face until I look normal again. Love, love, love tabasco. I guess my tongue handles it pretty well now but I also sweat and get a runny nose. It will bring on a hot flash for me. Thanks for reading and commenting.

  2. I’m terrible for walking past the food cupboard, reaching in for the Tabasco sauce bottle and sucking a bit out before replacing the lid and walking off as if nothing had happened.

    I got my comeuppance one day when I took out the bottle and sucked some Tabasco out of the little hole in the neck. This created a vacuum and some Tabasco shot out, up my nostril and was so painful I was crying out of my right eye for the rest of the evening.

    • That’s hilarious, not in a mean spirited way, though. I do love the stuff. I will suck out of the soy sauce bottle on occasion. Thanks for the read and comment.

  3. I like a bit of heat but am a bit whimpy about things that are too hot. Carissa puts me to shame. Deb, there is a pizza roping that you need to try that she introduced me to. Lots of heat mixed with olives and other ingredients. Next time I go to Econo Foods I’ll get you a bottle.

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