What Was I Thinking?

I read a lot of nonfiction.  Any subject from nutrition and fitness to intelligence, birth order, addiction and so much more.  I find these topics fascinating.  Sometimes I find it difficult to “just” read.  I want to share, I want to discuss.

In January of 2013 I made the decision to blog.  My assumption was, I write, people read, discussion follows.  Quickly I realized that I had to put some work in to it if I wanted people to look at my posts.  Within a couple of months, I had over 100 fellow bloggers following me.  The next realization I had was that, like Facebook, people collect people, friends, and followers.  The majority of these people do not comment and I assume do not even read most posts. There is a small percentage who “like” and a handful who comment.

I never considered myself a writer or a photographer but I do both on my blog.  I struggle with the writing more than the photography.  I will continue to post and enjoy that handful of people I interact with as they make it worth it.  Thank you to them!

This is for day 3 of Blogging 101.  Penny for your thoughts.

When you first thought about blogging, you had a post idea; something you wanted to say, a photo to share, a story on the tip of your brain. Maybe you just wanted to cultivate a writing habit — but you probably had an idea for a post, no matter how nascent. Today, you’ll write it.

27 thoughts on “What Was I Thinking?

  1. I definitely get where you’re coming from. I have less than a hundred followers on my blog and a good chunk of them are the spam type that try to sell stuff. But I don’t care, because the most important followers are the ones that you enjoy an interaction with. I have very few of those, but I cherish them. I started blogging because of a need to write, and because I like to tell stories, even if they’re mundane. I didn’t mind when the only commenter was my sister, which was true for the longest time, because I blog for myself.

    But those who find my writing worth reading and commenting on? They’re bloody awesome.

    • I agree! I have that group that comment on mine or I comment on theirs. They make it worth it.
      I never went to college and never thought I could write but I find it fun and quite challenging to find the words.

  2. I started my blog to record my lack of writing progress – seeing how little I was doing in black and white enouraged me to write more. I entered some flash fiction challenges to test myself – meeting word limits and deadlines. And then I started reading other people’s blogs. Now I find the challenge is to stop reading, liking and commenting and get on with my own work.

    • I hear you. Some days (yesterday) I sit for hours, read and comment on others blogs. I have the time and I need to use it for my own writing. I love the little fiction stories, I had a ball thinking up different scenarios. I must start again. Thanks!

  3. I recently started blogging, and had absolutely no idea how everything worked. I like how you talk about trying to stimulate followers. I’ve read that engaging on other people’s blog can help them to look at your own, and get them interested in what you have to say. In my entrepreneur class, we talk about establishing a relationship with your target audience by engaging them. I like hearing about your experience!

    • Thanks! I got my followers by reading blogs, commenting and following. Many will follow you in return. After a year I am a bit more particular on who I follow and try to comment on many of them. I have blogs I am no longer interested in and they do not comment on mine, so I have no problem dropping them. Good luck! Keep it fun!

  4. You’re absolutely right. So many people want to write and publish, but that’s only part of this experience. I’m trying to get into a habit of reading and – ideally – commenting on three pieces before I allow myself the privilege of publishing. Time is my constraint, but that should not be an excuse. And of course, hopefully people reciprocate.

    • I have a few family members who have just recently started a blog. They don’t know why they didn’t get comments immediately. I explained the blogging world to them but they get lazy and don’t do the work. I love reading other blogs and commenting. Most of my interaction with people is on their posts.
      I have all the time in the world to write, I procrastinate!

    • I enjoyed this post and since I am new to blogging am really just learning the importance of interaction. I love Andy’s idea of reading and commenting on three pieces before he allows himself the “privilege of publishing”. Indeed, it IS a privilege. I think this will become a new goal of mine.

      Thanks JustDeb for a thoughtful post!

  5. I can sympathize with this: I have few followers, and while I’m thankful for them, I think I appreciate those who comment regularly more and who I have conversations with, because you build up a sense of rapport with them. Which… is why I should comment more myself. :/ But look at me. Here I am. Commenting. That’s a start, isn’t it?

    • It’s a great start! It is so important to the blogger. I have gotten picky lately and even gotten rid of people I followed before because they do not comment on mine, nor do they comment on my replies to them. I started blogging for the interaction and if I don’t get it, it’s almost like I waste my time. Oh-oh, you caught me in a mood. I better go do the dishes or something. Thanks for the comment.

      • I recommend making something to eat. There’s something so therapeutic about relentlessly stabbing potatoes. Or is that just me?
        … It’s just me. Oh.
        Wait. WAIT. Come back! I promise I’m not a psycho!

      • No problem, I am a bit psycho, also. My 13 yr old niece calls me Auntie Crazy. I may incorporate that into my about page. No potatoes for me, just finished some scrambled eggs and will indulge in a chocolate chip cookie and more coffee while I do dishes.

  6. I agree!!! This blogging lark is hard work, and while it is lovely to have a large amount of followers, it is those people that interact that make it all worth while, and inspire you to write!!

    • Thanks for the mention! It doesn’t link back but that’s okay. I like your post, although I don’t get in to twitter or the facebook side of it. Thanks for stopping and commenting.

      • Fixed that.
        I’m not on Facebook but I have used Twitter – in precisely the way that they advise against. But frankly, I just don’t have the time to use it as I suppose it’s meant to be used.
        I told y’all I’m already too busy doing all the other stuff as it is.

      • I went off facebook for about 8 months and recently started again. Best way to keep track of what my siblings and their kids are doing. Sometimes there is a bit too much drama.

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