Monday Morning Spring Snow

Last week we had temperatures around 50 – 60 degrees F. Snow was pretty much gone. But today we got one more taste of the beautiful winters here in Wisconsin.


The Footbridge

Robin in Snow

What’s going on?

Snow Skeleton

Snow skeleton?

Picnic Table Icicle

I saw a family having a picnic here last week.

13 thoughts on “Monday Morning Spring Snow

  1. Still snowing? Oh my.
    Guess I wouldn’t do that well living in Wisconsin.
    I need a shorter winter and a longer spring and summer!
    In fact, I would like all summer (loved living in Hawaii).
    But…snow and ice are definitely beautiful. Cold but absolutely beautiful.

    • Born and raised here but live for over 20 yrs in So Cal. I wasn’t sure how the winter thing would work again. I love it!! Fall and winter are my fav seasons now. I think if God would get rid of mosquitoes, I could love summer a little more.

    • We had another 3″ yesterday but that’s gone now. Still a lot on the ground in some places. Rain and 60 degrees this weekend should take care of all of it.

  2. Your photography is stunning! I absolutely hate winter, cold, and snow and you made me love love love those photos…nice work! Hope your spring Is beautiful. 🙂 Look forward to loving photos of flowers

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