Big Martin’s Grandson



Besides being my favorite model, my Michael is the grandson of Big Martin and also the grandson of Queen Marinette.  I have been spending way too much time on lately.  I have worked on my family for years, even before I had a computer.  I started researching Michael’s genealogy last year and found some interesting stories linking him to a Native American tribe in northern Wisconsin.  This picture was taken last fall on a beach on Lake Michigan.

(This post, and photo, was inspired by Paula’s Black & White Sunday challenge)

4 thoughts on “Big Martin’s Grandson

  1. Wonderful portrait. Just wonderful.
    I personally prefer just a touch more contrast in black and white photography. Forgive my constructive criticism.
    Still… this is wonderful.
    And on a side note, seeing how long (and REALLY damn cool) his hair is despite such a receding hair line is giving me an idea of what I should do. I need to stop cutting my hair.

    • I like constructive criticism. Michael gives it to me all the time and I learn a lot. I love this shot of him, he is the perfect model, always willing a has a magnificent face. He has been growing his hair for almost 20 years. Trimming once a year but hasn’t done that for almost 3 yrs now. His students would call him the bald guy with the long hair. Thanks for checking it out.

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