Leave Those Feet at the Door

This was written by my sister about a wonderful part of our childhood.

weigh in on life

Washington Island has always been the keeper of all things precious for me. The Island has remained virtually unchanged in its appearance since I was a child, but the feelings it has always evoked in me have spanned my entire range of emotions. I have felt serenity, anger, peace and a sense of coming home on the seven square mile block of land.

My first memories of the Island began when I was just a small child. While I was born on the Island in Orville Wylie’s home, we moved away when I was just a baby. However, my grandparents remained in their Island home and my mother would ship her brood back up to the Island each summer when she was ready to pop out another one of my brothers (each of the three were born in July). This was no hardship for any of us kids; we loved…

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