Vivobarefoot Trail Runners

I have had a couple conversations with other bloggers on the shoes we all wear.  I love my fivefinger Bikilas but I can’t wear them when it gets below 35 F.  I tried another pair of minimalist shoes and didn’t like them.  Then I read Alan’s post at  Barefoot Runner regarding the Vivobarefoot Trail Runners.  I bought a pair and have worn them with a thick pair of wool socks all winter.  My feet were warm even through our Polar Vortex.  This was, of course, because of the wool socks but the shoes have roomy toe box and allow my toes to move.  They have a cutout in the treads so it worked well in the snow and some ice.  I love em and can’t wait to run on the trails and roads once the ice is melted.

Love em!

Love em!


8 thoughts on “Vivobarefoot Trail Runners

  1. When I worked in preschool, I found out that shoes have magical properties. One day, a 3 year old came in with a new pair of shoes with red streaks down each side. “These shoes are really fast,” he said, “watch this!’ And he ran around the yard. Physically, he wasn’t running any faster than usual, but mentally—he truly believed that he was running like the wind (and he had a big smile on his face). That’s all that really counts!

  2. Thanks for sharing this, as I am intrigued by this type of trail running shoe. When I replace my current traditional trail running shoe, I am going to try a shoe like this on to see how I like it. Happy trails to you!

    • Thanks. Ease into running in them as you will have some different aches than with supportive shoes. It took me a couple months before I could run a normal distance in them. Been wearing minimalist shoes for 2 years and love it.

  3. How roomy is that toe box? Do you have any other wide toe box shoes to compare to? I’ve been in Skoras for a while now, but might be looking for something wider…

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