Weekly Photo Challenge: Street Life

This is the campground road taken from our driveway.  It becomes a snowmobile trail in the winter as they do not plow the gravel road.  I walk/run this almost everyday and it is beautiful all year long.  The worst part of it is when the warm season arrives the peacefulness changes to campers and their excitement and pleasure of being surrounded by this beauty.  Wonderful for them, noise and commotion for us.  Ah, the joy of living next to a campground.  I guess it is better than living in the city.  That coming from a woman who prefers the northwood and all that go with it.


Campground road or snowmobile trail in winter.

Campground road or snowmobile trail in winter.


It Takes 67 Maneuvers to Get Outside with Three Babies

You have to read this! Hilarious but true story of a Mom.

Okayest Mom

IMG_0462 “We’re ready to go outside now. We’re sharing one pair of boots, mmmkay?”

1) Check the thermometer. 39 degrees. Let’s wait a little bit.
2) Check the thermometer. 40 degrees. Ok. Let’s do this!
3) Announce: “Let’s go outside!”
4) Children scream and scatter in every direction with joy.
5) Oldest starts yelling, “I’m still in my jammies!”
6) Twin B toddles over to the shoe bin and pulls it down on head while repeating, “Shoes. Shoes. Shoes.”
7) Twin A starts crying because he is confused.
8) Dog jumps up and down by the door because she heard the word “outside”.
9) I run around like a crazy person trying to gather 3 coats, 6 shoes, and, hmmm, 6 socks.
10) I ask my oldest to go upstairs and gather 6 socks.
11) He cries because the stair gate is locked and he can’t get upstairs to get said…

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Leave Those Feet at the Door

This was written by my sister about a wonderful part of our childhood.

weigh in on life

Washington Island has always been the keeper of all things precious for me. The Island has remained virtually unchanged in its appearance since I was a child, but the feelings it has always evoked in me have spanned my entire range of emotions. I have felt serenity, anger, peace and a sense of coming home on the seven square mile block of land.

My first memories of the Island began when I was just a small child. While I was born on the Island in Orville Wylie’s home, we moved away when I was just a baby. However, my grandparents remained in their Island home and my mother would ship her brood back up to the Island each summer when she was ready to pop out another one of my brothers (each of the three were born in July). This was no hardship for any of us kids; we loved…

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Vivobarefoot Trail Runners

I have had a couple conversations with other bloggers on the shoes we all wear.  I love my fivefinger Bikilas but I can’t wear them when it gets below 35 F.  I tried another pair of minimalist shoes and didn’t like them.  Then I read Alan’s post at  Barefoot Runner regarding the Vivobarefoot Trail Runners.  I bought a pair and have worn them with a thick pair of wool socks all winter.  My feet were warm even through our Polar Vortex.  This was, of course, because of the wool socks but the shoes have roomy toe box and allow my toes to move.  They have a cutout in the treads so it worked well in the snow and some ice.  I love em and can’t wait to run on the trails and roads once the ice is melted.

Love em!

Love em!