Snow Angel

My last post was the first day of a 2 week virus that gave me a horrible headache, day and night.  It was then just difficult to get back in to doing some of the things in my life.  My blog being one of them.  So after hearing from Mike at, and my brother in law who is just starting out, I decided to post something to get me going.  These are some shots of me on Jan 16th.  I make a snow angel every year but this year the snow was deep enough that I trusted myself to just fall back.  A little freaky but I did it with no injuries.  We had a blast doing it.

Just fall back.

Just fall back.

Don’t think, just do it!






2014 Snow Angel completed.


18 thoughts on “Snow Angel

    • There are more shots but those pretty much showed how it happened. It was scary to just let go and fall. There is a shot right toward the bottom where my face is scrunched up and eyes are tightly closed. It was great though. Thanks for checking it out.

    • Michael was just saying last night how he couldn’t believe I never flinched all the way down. I just had to trust that there was enough snow to keep me safe. I went back to that kid.

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