Have You Competed In A 5/10 K?

My first race was a triathlon in 2009 in Waupaca, WI.  I was 54 years old.  My sister Tam had it on her bucket list and sister Dawn found one for us.  We competed 4 sisters strong and did pretty well.  After that, I competed in a few 5/6 K mud races and a lot of 5 K’s in So Cal.  I came in first and second in my age group a few times.

What I would like to know is if you have ever competed in a 5/10 K and where you placed,  front group, middle or last?  If you don’t want to tell me much, that’s cool.  Just where you placed.  Thanks ahead of time.

Here I am waiting to take off in the 5/10 K in Idyllwild in 2010.  My 6 yr old granddaughter also competed in the kids run.



5 thoughts on “Have You Competed In A 5/10 K?

    • Thanks for the reply. I am doing an essay on race finishers and wanted to talk to more people than my family. Did you train for it? Why did you come in 192 and not 850 or 1?

      • Well, I did “train” for it if you can call it that. I wasn’t that consistent but I made sure that I did enough so that I wouldn’t end up wrecking myself on race day.

        As for coming in 192 instead of 850 or 1… I only started my running habit in late May, and based on what I’ve done so far I need a LOT of work if I ever want to come in 1st overall in my gender category. I didn’t come in 850 because even if I’m not an elite runner, I’m still competitive enough to make sure that I land a place on the upper half percentile of the race’s participants.

      • Thank you, thank you! Can you tell me approx age? Okay if you don’t want to. For my first race, the tri, I started running in Jan, race was in Aug. I also needed much work but am so much more competitive than I thought. 192 out of 850 is great for a first race. Hope you will continue to run. I am 58 but still enjoy the races and my need to beat the person in front of me is still strong.

      • I’m in the 21-25 age group 🙂 Wow, your first race was a triathlon? That’s awesome, especially for your age! I have plans to continue my running journey, as I would like to run a half marathon by late next year. Let’s see how it goes!

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