A Photo a Day & 31/365 – November 6 2013 – GG Grandparents in Norway

My Great Great Grandparents in Norway with Uncle Tony before they sailed to America.  They eventually settled in Minnesota.

Grandpa and Grandma Cleveland with Tony C. CLCC


3 thoughts on “A Photo a Day & 31/365 – November 6 2013 – GG Grandparents in Norway

  1. Did you ever notice that people never seemed to smile in photographs taken back in the day. I have done genealogy for many decades and I noticed that in my photos of ancestors from way back.

    • I do our family’s genealogy also and love these photos. I especially love the one of a grandma holding her enormous Bible with a nasty frown on her face. Thanks for visiting!

  2. You really piqued my curiosity with this photo and the smiling question.

    Here’s a great piece on the smiling question. I’ve wondered about that too:

    And technological reasons too I guess:
    it takes more muscle to frown than smile, but to hold a smile for the long time needed to get a good capture took quite a bit of energy.

    And another interesting take:

    After reading these, I believe It was important that people be people with good character back in the day. Smiling back then, as long as it took to take a picture, could present a mis-intended image, and there was some risk that you’d be out there all day trying to stay still. So pragmatically and character-wise, maybe people decided a firm, stoic face was best.

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