A Photo a Day & 53/365 – November 29 2013 – Many Faces of Sweet

I rarely get out and take photos of people.  So, when there is a family function they know I show up and shoot.  Some like, some don’t.  Dad swore at me(I laughed) and some of the kids ran away.  This sweetie is my sisters Granddaughter and loves my camera.  It was a nice Thanksgiving at my sisters home and great to see a few of my sibs and their families.  Hope all of you had a great day!!

Give Thanks

My sister has once again captured my thoughts in her blog.

weigh in on life

4:37 and I’m wide awake…have been since 3:07 when I made one of those middle of the night trips to the latrine. I crawled back in bed and struggled to find comfort in the gentle noises of the chain saw sleeping next to me. I began to count off how many seconds elapsed between snores…not conducive to falling back to sleep. I resigned myself to the fact that there would be no more deep slumber occurring in the bedroom so I picked up my pillow and headed to the living room.

Fireplace roaring, soft flannel quilt wrapped tightly around me, sofa in full reclining position, I snuggled in and waited for the zzz’s to come my way. Ten minutes passed. Rearranging my blanket and turning in a new direction, I once again anticipated the much needed sleep to overtake me. It was not to be. At 4:00 a.m., I arose…

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A Photo a Day & 52/365 – November 27 2013 – Act My Age?

I can’t wait for this years snow to begin!  Yes, there will be photos.  I learned that jumping in the snow brings less injuries than jumping in no snow.  I’ve been told to act my age, but I don’t know what that means.