Brothers – 24/365 October 18 2013

When I went up to Dads a couple weeks ago I took a majority of the pictures out of the “office”.  Mom passed in 2010, Nanny in 2009 and they both had a lot of pictures, both albums and singles in boxes.  I spent 3 – 4 hours on Wednesday looking through 3 boxes of single pictures.  I think I have seen enough family faces for a year.  I have 7 siblings and I have large envelopes for all of them with pictures of themselves and their children and even their ex’s and ex in-laws.  I ended up with 2 boxes of pictures to be gone through at Christmas by all.  There are people I don’t know and people I don’t care if I see again.  There are a bunch of pictures of my Dad remodeling my Great Grandparents old farmhouse.  I guess I should take some of those.  I threw some stuff in the trash like my parents many years of Branson, Nashville and mostly Porterfield, WI C & W festivals.  Mom took them and most were blurry and I couldn’t make out anyone I knew.  They were very social people and had many parties and attended many parties.  I know a lot of those people and they looked like they were having a great time.  They were my parents friends and I don’t want the pics and pretty sure my sibs don’t either.  I feel bad about not wanting them and feel worse about the fact that they may be trashed.  I am hoping that Dad  is at the Christmas party and possibly wants them.  If not, goodbye.

I found a bunch of very cool pictures of my sibs.  The two I am sharing here are my 3 little brothers as kids and then as adults (are they ever really adults).




Do you have a bizillion pictures that your kids will have to deal with when you are gone.  Do you realize how many they will throw out and not care?


8 thoughts on “Brothers – 24/365 October 18 2013

  1. These photos are cracking me up. Aren’t your brothers some characters? I totally love this. I have one brother and we were thick as thieves when we were young. He reminds me of these funny guys about the same age. I am sorry to hear about your mom. My dad passed this last year and it is hard to go through all the boxes of stuff. I noticed one thing though that all of my dad;s stuff smelled like him Old spice. Ha. I hope you do something fun with all the photos. This is such a great idea sharing them like this. I am now following you by email so I don’t miss the next installment! Lovely lovely post. Blessing to you Deb. Have a super weekend!

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