Coast Guard Family – 22/365 – Oct 14 2013

We drove up to see my Dad(step) last week on the Island.  He still has my Mom’s Grandparents farm house.  I was born on Washington Island and my Grandfather lived there his entire life except when he was in the Coast Guard.  But, he was close most of that time on Plum Island.  My Daddy joined the Coast Guard in Oklahoma and was stationed with my Grandpa in Racine where he met and married my Mom.  He was stationed on Pilot Island and Plum Island after that.  When we take the ferry across to Washington Island we get to see Plum and Pilot.

I come from a Coast Guard family.  My Grandfather, both of his sons, my father and my brother were all in, some retired.

Plum Island


Plum Island



Pilot Island

I have included from a book written by Matt Foss called “Let the Lower Lights be Burning” about Pilot Island, the last paragraph in the book:   In almost fifty years, any trace of human life and service to Pilot Island is hard to find. The tall trees which once occupied the island are destroyed from the overabundance of birds, mainly cormorants and seagulls. The buildings that remain on the island, while standing are in desperate need of repair, and each year that passes, the memories of human involvement on the island fade with the generations that remember such times getting older. The only true reminder of the proud work and time spent by many numbers of keepers, assistants, their families, government crews, summer visitors, and Coast Guardsmen is the light that continues to shine every night, guiding those through the Porte des Morts passage.”





14 thoughts on “Coast Guard Family – 22/365 – Oct 14 2013

  1. I never hear stories about the coast guard. IF I would sign up for the military the Coast Guard would be my choice. I can see the house needs care from this long distance. I wonder how much it would cost to fix it up. It would be beautiful!

    • I did not follow tradition as I joined the army in the 70’s. The Coast Guard would scare me as they do so many water rescues in storms and such. I am very proud of my family and I love the stories but I am a wimp when it comes to water. I don’t think the building you see is a house, not sure what it is. I am doing some research on the Island, though. That is a close up shot and it is not near any other land. Thanks for visiting.

      • I think fate is calling you to that house! I was married to an army man so I know I would not want to be in the Army! LOL Braking tradition I bet your the black sheep of your family!! You Rule breaker you! LOL

      • Yes they are! You will not hear the contrary from me I’m sure my mother is MORTIFIED I’m a musician! Birds of a feather or sheep of a color! LOL

      • Birds or sheep, they all work. Lol… Just home for lunch from a job I just gave 2 weeks notice to. Another story/post for later. Looked at your blog again and just got done downloading your album from itunes. Beautiful haunting voice! Are the lyrics out there somewhere? Will have to listen more when I get home.

      • were back today! Thank god! How stressful! Can you believe being told your a non essential employee?

    • Thanks. Every time I cross on the ferry I want to take pictures but I know I have taken the same ones over and over through the years. I had to zoom in on Pilot Island and was amazed at the trees. Thanks for stopping.

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