Daily Post: Talent

A talent I wish I had is that of an artist of the pen, pencil, chalk or paint.  I have tried and it just doesn’t work.  I continue to try but I do not have the talent I wish I had.



5 thoughts on “Daily Post: Talent

  1. Let go and scribble like you’re Mozart writing a music composition during a flourish born of caffeine, bad Mozart morning hair, and wild eyes. Just pretend and let go, and I’ll bet your relaxed hand will sketch forms and ideas that blow your mind with their unexpected rightness. For example, think of a strong emotional image or character from a favorite movie or play, and do a bold, fast head sketch of them even if its caricature at first. Someone I admire a lot recently observed how fun and productive it was for her to use a water drawing surface that fades quickly to sketch with, as the sketch disappears rapidly, and new, successive attempts at a form may be tracked in repetition and by practice without need of erasing or tearing away. If you end up sculpting I’d love to see your stuff.

    • Thanks Mike. I wondered if my camera was on as you wrote that as I was sitting here with crazy hair and a big mug of coffee. Lol…
      Will try that. I guess I just have to go for it. Easier to draw than play a violin. Kicked me out in 2nd grade.
      Sculpting would be cool or I have thought of using wood and some really sharp tools. Thanks for the encouragement.

  2. You can’t judge your beginning with someone else’s career. Everyone starts out as a novice. You have to start where you are and practice practice practice! It will get better! Study other artists and how they got there start it will give you inspiration!! OH and most of all GOOD LUCK!

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