Saturday Market – 21/365 Photo – September 19 2013

We flew into Portland but drove up to Springfield to stay at My Michaels sisters home.  Her husband brought us to Saturday Market, not sure if it was Springfield or Eugene.  He told us to have our camera’s ready as it would be an interesting morning.


First off I was taking pictures from the side or back but as time went on I just said, “I love the way you look” or “I will never see this in N.E. Wisconsin, can I take you picture?”

Everyone was happy to let me take the shot.


Musicians were great!


What some people were wearing was too cool!!


And then the whole family rocks!


I have so many more but think I will end this post with a very cool lady or should I say fairy.


It was one of the most interesting days I have every had.  These people were so wonderful and refreshing.


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