I Had a Bad Day, That’s It

I had a bad day (afternoon) on Monday. I can relate. Can you?

That's Another Story


Thankfully, today seems to be a good day, but the same could not be said for yesterday.  It was a bad day, or rather it was a bad day that ended on a better note than it began.  It was one of those days when I woke up and was able to shake the sleep from my eyes, but I could not shake the anxious and depressed feelings that swirled around me like a tornado.  I am not quite sure where these feelings came from, but I was quite sure of how they made me feel, immensely alone and out of control.

As I made my way through the day, these negative feelings multiplied, and I could not contain them.  I kept thinking of what my dear friend and mentor, Trude, says to me, and that is, “All is well”, even when I do not feel well.  Yesterday, though, I…

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