19/365 Photo August 16 2013

Chippy on the feeder

Chippy on the feeder

He/she found their way up to the feeder.  They have no patience, I would have gladly thrown some on the ground for them.


7 thoughts on “19/365 Photo August 16 2013

      • We sometimes get squirrels on our feeders, occasionally a mouse, and once there was a… rat! Aaaaaaaagh! Bad. 😦 Gone now though, and I hope it doesn’t come back. UGH!

        I much prefer the birds. 🙂

      • My Mom had many birdfeeders and assorted birds during the year. In California I had my hummingbird feeder and a seed feeder. I had so many hummers I could refill daily sometimes. Back here in Northern Wisconsin I don’t have the same variety as Mom or as many hummers as before but love to watch. We like the chipmunks as they are funny and don’t mind feeding them, on the ground. We put up a barrier to the feeder yesterday. (I shoot the squirrels!)

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