Day 11 Ten People Who Influenced Me

I came up with 8 and they are in order of when they became an influence in my life.  I am not writing many details but may go into more at a different time.  There are other people who influenced me but these are at the top.

My Mom  was a happy woman who loved and took care of her husband first, then her children. I laugh every day because she did.   She was a great mother and a better wife.

My Daddy was also a happy man.  He worked hard and provided for his family.  He was very social and had many friends but didn’t make his little girls, Daddy’s girls.  His death changed so many things in all of our lives.

My Dad is a good man who raised us almost like his own kids, but not quite.  He was a hero who stepped into our lives and did the best he could.

My ex is a pretty good guy now.  Not so much when we were married.  He was abusive in the first half of our marriage and controlling throughout all of it.  I learned how to deal with a lot.  I was put in situations that made me a stronger person.  I also ended up with many insecurities.

My Son has qualities from both of us, good and bad.  Having him changed my world.  Becoming a parent was the best and worst thing I ever did.  I am so proud of who he is and I am so sorry for screwing up as a parent.

Pastor Bob was a great preacher.  He was a good Southern Baptist who really spoke from his heart.  I became a true believer and was baptized again as an adult in 1996 in his little church in So Cal.

Francis Chan wrote a book titled “Crazy Love”.  It kicked my butt a few years ago and gave me a renewed desire to know Jesus.

My Michael is amazing.  I don’t know where to begin and don’t know if I could stop but here is a bit.  He pays attention, he observes, he thinks before he speaks, he tries to see all sides, he speaks truth and wants to hear truth, he doesn’t play mind games, he is upfront.  He respects me, sees beauty in me and loves me no matter what insecurities I brought into this relationship.


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