Day 7 What is the Hardest Thing I Ever Experienced

Last year I went through a divorce so you would think that would be it.  It was an easy divorce even with the crying and bringing up of the whys.  I left him, so he went through more pain with the divorce experience.  For me the hardest thing I experienced was my 35 year marriage.  Not all 365 days of those 35 years were hard but the ones that were hard, were heartbreaking.  I tried to explain to him, over the phone, the gut wrenching pain he was experiencing, was a familiar feeling as I felt it too many times over the years.

The first 15 were the worst with adultery, physical, emotional and verbal crap.  The next 20 were not as intense but still had a lot of pain.  There were times I would go in the shower, in another room or outside and just sob until I thought my heart would break.

I don’t want to go in to it at this time but I would definitely say those gut wrenching, sad, lonely years were more difficult than the actual divorce and the year that followed.


5 thoughts on “Day 7 What is the Hardest Thing I Ever Experienced

  1. As someone who also is divorced, I can relate, as the actual divorce actually was a relief, in some ways, for both my ex-husband and for me. Divorce is never easy, but it is easier than living a lie and pretending to be happy. Here’s to new beginnings and the courage to embrace them!

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