30 Day Blog Challenge Day 3 Describe 3 Legitimate Fears

I have fears like anyone else but I’m not freaked over the little stuff. My daughter-in-law screams over little spiders and has taught atleast one of my granddaughters to do the same. When I would go over to their house I smashed those suckers and tryed to show the girls how easy it is to be tough. Smash em like a girl!
Mystery Spider 3 12 06
I was at my sisters cabins with her and her daughter, last year. She opened a closet door and saw a dead mouse in a trap. She slammed the door shut and declared she would leave it for her husband. OMG It’s a frickin dead mouse, just deal with it. I opened the door, grabbed the trap and brought it outside for disposal.

While visiting that same sister at the home they had recently moved into, she saw a snake outside in the flowerbed. Both her and her husband are afraid of them, with hubby being more of a scaredy cat than her. This is Northern Wisconsin people, these are grass snakes or garter snakes, they won’t eat you or your cat. They eat your mice, leave them alone. Nope, he is concerned they will somehow get into the house, so they gotta go. Really, they gotta go? You live in the woods, get use to them, make them your friends. Anyway, that day I was instrumental in catching and moving 5 snakes.

Spiders, mice and snakes, those are the little things. There are other things that concern me, like cancer, alzheimers, the nerve tumor I have in my leg and other physical stuff. Those are things that are just there and I don’t stress over them.
I don’t like heights at all but deal with it. I have ziplined 90 ft up in the trees in Mexico, just don’t look down.
I am a bit claustrophobic but besides maybe being in a submarine, I’m okay.
Maybe the submarine isn’t so much claustrophobic as it is one of my three fears I chose, being underwater. That borders on freaky to me. I don’t like going underwater. Or to be more specific, I don’t like putting my head under. I’ve gone snorkeling a few times, the first time in Hawaii. It took me atleast 5 minutes to get my breathing right, to stop the anxiety I was feeling. It was like, come on Debbie, just breath. Only then could I enjoy going under and seeing all those beautiful fish. Same thing happened again in Mexico. I love the water and can stay in for hours. I’m not a great swimmer and don’t do the crawl because I have to put my face in.
We weren’t taught to swim as kids, even though my sister and I were born on an Island and my Dad was in the Coast Guard. When I was about 10 years old, we went swimming at a water filled quarry with Mom and friends. I got out too far and went under. That was a scary few seconds, but I managed to get to a shallow area. I don’t think I said anything to anyone. I’m not sure if that’s where the fear came from or not.

My next fear is based on woundedness, insecurities and a great desire to love and be loved. This new relationship I am in is so perfect. I am afraid something will happen. My fear is more about our health than anything. We are both in our late 50’s and his lifestyle for the last 12 years has been pretty sedentary. I’ve been pretty active but I have a couple of health issues. I feel like I wasted so much of life and now that I am with this amazing man, I want it to last for a very long time. I missed out on a secure, fun, honest, loving relationship and I want more. I don’t lay awake at night worrying about it but it does concern me. More than spiders and snakes.

My last fear can keep me awake if I let it. I did not become a Christian until my son was 16. I did not raise him to know the Lord and at 35 he still does not know Him. I am so afraid that he will die and not go to be with the Lord. I think of my baby going to hell. I see the fear, I hear his screams. It’s like my worst nightmare.


4 thoughts on “30 Day Blog Challenge Day 3 Describe 3 Legitimate Fears

  1. I chuckled at the spider stories, my kids are the same way. Until one day my daughter actually saw a really big spider and was able to put the size of the tiny spiders into perspective. Your’s is a powerful story, thank you for sharing – it takes a strong person to confront and acknowledge their fears the way you have.

  2. Yeah! A new blog. The underwater fear surprised me, but the other two did not. The last two are deep in your heart kind of things and hard to solve if you are a solver. Love reading your blogs – conversation yet deep. Don’t make me (us) wait so long for the next one!

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