Day 10 If You Could Rid the World of 10 Things

Today’s subject is if I could rid the world of ten things, what would they be.  Every time I thought of something, I thought of a consequence for getting rid of it.  I get rid of disease, there would be too many people in the world.  I get rid of mosquitos, what would the bats eat.  I get rid of rude people, what would the rest of us have to piss and moan about.

After much thought, I decided if God wanted things different, he would change them.  This may sound like a cop out but it’s my cop out.


Day 9 Five of My Passions

I looked up the definition of passions for this post.

– A strong liking or desire for or devotion to some activity, object or concept

– An object of desire or deep interest

– A strong or extravagant fondness, enthusiasm or desire for anything

Going with those, I picked out what I think are my top 5 passions.  These are not in any order.

1.  Learning.  I love to read about things, everything, anything.  I want to learn, I want to know about all of it.

2.  Humor.  I love to laugh and can’t imagine a life in which I can’t/don’t laugh.  I like to tease.  It might be something I learned to do in a large family.  I like to bring smiles to other people and love to hear a good belly laugh, especially if I made it happen.

3.  Counsel/Advise.  I like to be able to counsel and advise others.  Once again, probably comes from being in a large family and me being the oldest.  Some of my siblings put their guard up if they hear anything that sounds like advice from me, others don’t.  I don’t assume I know everything but I do know a shitload about some things.

4.  To Be Outdoors.  I love it!!  It can change my mood for the day.  The fresh air, the rain, the sunshine, the clouds, the snow, the wind, the cold.  Bring it on, I love it all!

5.  Love.  To love and be loved by one person.

None of these define me but they are a part of my definition.

Day 8 My Dream Job

I  worked  a few jobs in my life.  Some short term, some long.  If I didn’t enjoy what I did, I didn’t do it very long.  I did not go to college and had no skills.  I worked in a few factories, cleaned homes, and when I was 19 I had a short stint working as a cocktail waitress in a club in the Florida Keys (fun).


I spent an hour in a massage parlor during that same time in the Keys.  My first “client”, a large, sweaty, drunk man asked me if I was going to take my top off.  I was told this would probably happen and I could do whatever I wanted.  I thought to myself at the time, “I can do this”.  Nope, I couldn’t!  I abruptly quit.

drunk man

I spent most of my “career” in clerical positions.


I am not working right now, and except for the fact that I don’t have any money coming in, I like it.  My dream job would be something I enjoy doing and  getting paid for it.  I would work for myself and would not put a lot of pressure on me.  I am good with people but don’t necessarily want to be around them.  I love being outside and I love being physical.  With those things in mind, I would say being a photographer of nature, architecture and all things outdoors would fit for my dream job.

Riverreflection8 L

I love to take pictures but don’t know a lot about photography.  That could be a problem, so classes would be necessary.  I think I have a pretty good eye and could make a living at it.  This is all in my dream world though, as in reality, there are too many out there taking pictures with a good eye not making enough money.

Day 7 What is the Hardest Thing I Ever Experienced

Last year I went through a divorce so you would think that would be it.  It was an easy divorce even with the crying and bringing up of the whys.  I left him, so he went through more pain with the divorce experience.  For me the hardest thing I experienced was my 35 year marriage.  Not all 365 days of those 35 years were hard but the ones that were hard, were heartbreaking.  I tried to explain to him, over the phone, the gut wrenching pain he was experiencing, was a familiar feeling as I felt it too many times over the years.

The first 15 were the worst with adultery, physical, emotional and verbal crap.  The next 20 were not as intense but still had a lot of pain.  There were times I would go in the shower, in another room or outside and just sob until I thought my heart would break.

I don’t want to go in to it at this time but I would definitely say those gut wrenching, sad, lonely years were more difficult than the actual divorce and the year that followed.