30 Blog Challenge Day 2 – Current Relationship

For those of you who haven’t read about me, I got divorced last year after 35 yrs. of marriage.  Maybe someday I will blog on that.

I won’t go into the timeline but I am now with the best man I have ever known.  We graduated from the same high school in 1973.  We dated for a short time as freshmen. We started talking again on facebook a few years ago.  I hadn’t seen him in over 30 years.  I knew he was divorced and a college educated, very intelligent man.  I soon discovered he was also very wise.  We messaged a few times but no real long conversations at first, just generic stuff.  Fast forward…

We now live together in a small cabin in the woods on a little river.  It’s perfect, something I dreamed of for a long time.

It’s been an amazing and eye opening experience.  I have dealt with my woundedness and insecurities.  I have learned so much about myself and about people in general.  My relationships have taken a new direction, this one with my Michael and other relationships as well.  He has taught me so much about life by asking the right questions.  He pushes nothing on me.  He speaks truth to me, we have an honest relationship.  I learned all those little white lies are nothing but lies and lead to more lies.  I learned honestly is the way.  I speak it all the time.  I tell him my innermost thoughts, fears, feelings, dreams and fantasies.  I laugh everyday, a lot.  We have never had an argument.  We disagree but talk it out, with out anger.  I am not afraid of him.  I am not afraid with him.  I have never felt this safe in my life.

We both like dark meat.  We both cook. We both fish.  We both read.  We are so alike, sometimes it’s scary.  He taught me how to be independent, like myself, hunt, fly fish and play World of Warcraft(can you say adolescent boys).  I taught him there are women out there that trust you and respect you and won’t shame you.

I love him and I love us and we both love the Lord!  I can’t imagine ever being without him.


16 thoughts on “30 Blog Challenge Day 2 – Current Relationship

  1. What is it with Facebook and old flames? What is it with old flames? Isn’t it funny how these things come back around? It is wonderful to hear your story. And I’m with you, dark meat rules.

  2. When you trust in the Lord, he takes care of you. Sometimes it takes a long time for that to happen and that faith can shake, rattle and roll. However, as long as you continue to trust, He will take care of you. He led you and Michael to each other. All things are possible…

  3. I got divorced in 2011 after 18 years of marriage, and you definitely give me hope that having the life I desire is possible. Thanks for sharing your story, and here’s to happy endings that never end!

  4. It was quite a long wait for your soul mate. This brief summary of your life sounds like stuff for soap operas, never could have believed it happens in real life too. Happy for you I really am.

    • The funny thing is when my ex would get so wrapped up in work and making money for retirement that he forgot me and the good stuff in life, I would say to him that I didn’t care about making all that money and I would be happy living in a cabin in the woods.

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