Juneathon Day 9

Yesterday was a rainy day.  It was a nice rain, not too hard.  It was nice enough that the mosquitoes were still out there waiting for me.  I sprayed what I thought was every inch of my exposed body with Northwoods Off.  Nope!  There was about a 2″ X 3″ that I must have missed because I came back with 5 bites in that small area.



I walked/ran 3.2 miles in 45 minutes.  For some reason my right foot hurt yesterday so did not push the running.  I came back to cabin and did my strength training workout later that evening for 40 minutes.  Having a bit of an issue with my weight.  I can’t seem to lose any, even gaining some.  My friend on MFP suggested I am not eating enough.  That’s tough as I have always reduced my calories to help with the weight.  I am frustrated and definitely realize that is was a lot easier to lose when I was younger.  This 58 yr old body is fighting me.  Yesterday was also Day 5 of squat challenge.  I did 70, today will be 75.  

Fantasy Football right around the corner.  This will be my third year of participating and second year of being The Commish of my league.  Oh yeah, Go Packers!!  Can’t wait for football season.


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