Juneathon Day 8


My pictures wouldn’t load, very frustrating.  I switched from Google Chrome, because it was shutting down to often and switched to IE.  That may be the issue as I went back to Chrome and ba bam, here they are.

Yesterday was beautiful, temperature when we ran was 81 degrees F.  It was a bit humid and I could tell that by how thick it felt as I was trying to breath toward the end of the run.  I really haven’t run much lately and I could tell.  We walked to the trail, ran most of the trail, walked at bit and then ran the roads in the campground.  Only a few campers as it is during the week but with most of the schools out now for summer, there will be weekday campers soon. 

I ran and walked for 51 minutes covering 3.5 miles of wooded trails and campground roads.  It was a rest day for squats.


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