Give Me My Hormones, NOW!!!

Guys, you can read this if you want but unless you have a crazy hormonal woman in your life, it may be boring.

I’ve been on natural hormones for a few years now.  When my hot flashes first started I thought, no problem, I can do this.  What the heck is my sister, Tammy talking about?


She had her woman parts yanked a few years earlier.  She went through 2 bouts of breast cancer and did it for preventive reasons.  She would tell us how she would get up in the middle of the night and stand in front of her side by side refrigerator/freezer, naked.  Doors semi closed behind her feeling like her whole body was on fire.  It was a hilarious vision but I was not having hot flashes that bad and needed no hormones.  

Fast forward…    OMG!!!           We were building a little house in Baja Mexico.  Driving down every weekend for a few months was required.  That’s when it all hit the fan.  It seemed like the most intense flashes waited for that drive.  It took us about 5 hours to go from our home in So Cal to our little casa in Baja Norte.  After a short drive down the mountain, we would go to the grocery store and Home Depot.  Starbucks was right there so it was the final stop and probably the reason for the beginning of the days hot flashes.  I came to realize quickly that hot coffee was a great way to kick them off.  I also knew I was stubborn and not about to give up my Grande Caramel Machiatto Soy Upside Down, and I like it hot not iced even in the hot summers of So Cal.

The flashes gave no warning.  They just smacked you.  I went from 98.6 F to what felt like 500 F in seconds.  If I had a sweatshirt or outer shirt on, it came off quickly.  Then within minutes, I was cold and the clothes went back on.  After a while, I learned how to dress in easily removeable garments.  This would go on for hours.  At first it annoyed my ex, then I started to deal with it quietly, no complaints.  Well, maybe a few moans and groans.  The hot flashes were uncomfortable so I picked up some natural stuff at the health food stores.  It didn’t seem to help much but I could deal with uncomfortable for a while.  Then, the night sweats began.  I thought “night sweats” were just “hot flashes” that happened at night.  Oooohhhh noooooo!!!!  I’m just lying in bed, minding my own business when, Bam!  I get my first night sweat.  It started with an electrifying, tingly feeling in my chest.  You know what I’m talking about, ladies.  That sizzle that turns to drops of sweat everywhere.  If you’re my sister, you are in the refrigerator.  I just layed there.  Blankets off, blankets on, off, on until I finally fall asleep.  Sleep during this time, is a whole other blog.

Soon after that experience, I picked up Suzanne Somers book.  She wrote about taking natural hormones from a compound pharmacy.  I made an appointment with my doctor and we discussed it.  She gave me a prescrip, I ordered them and started my new hormone regimen  They worked but not as well as I had hoped.  I was still dealing with those nasty night time interruptions and having sleep issues.  I picked Suzannes book up and finished reading it.  (I’m bad about finishing books)  There was a list of doctors or a website, I forget.  I found “The Hormone Doctor” in Palm Springs.  I made an appointment, went down, talked to him and Nurse Wife, got my prescrip for all kinds of hormones. Doc and Nurse Wife were very informative.  They gave me Estrogen,progesterone, testosterone, melatonine, DHEA, and thyroid something.  The place was in it for the big bucks.  That was obvious but if it worked, I didn’t care.  I got them all but ended up only taking the first 4.  I took the melatonine for a while and then stopped but continue to take the estrogen(bi-est) and progesterone and apply the testosterone daily.  Took a break from the last one but am back on it again.

Here’s why I started todays blog in the first place.  I procrastinate, I run out of hormones.  Usually not a big deal because I am only out for a day or two at the most.. There must be enough of the hormones in my body that I am not affected those couple of days.  This last time it was 3 days because of the weekend stuff and post office closed on Sunday.  I picked them up Monday right before they closed, got home and didn’t open the box til later.  When I did open it, there was NO estrogen and my compound pharmacy is in New York and closed for the day.  I called in the morning, they apologized and said they would send it right out.  Once again, because of weekend activities and postal Sunday closure, I did not get my fix until Monday night.  I haven’t slept well in days and my flashes started up again.  This will last for a few more days as my levels go back up.  I had been thinking that maybe it was time to stop them but NOPE!!  Not yet, anyway.  

I love everything that goes along with being a woman.  This issue just happens to sit close to the bottom of my list.

I have heard some hilarious hot flash stories.  I hope this brings to mind a few of your own to laugh at.


2 thoughts on “Give Me My Hormones, NOW!!!

  1. Very good post. I chose to go HRT free and I have been 1.5 years without anything and I only get hot flashes when I get nervous, so if I see a stressful situation approaching I simply force myself to relax and breath and usually I avoid the igniting fire waiting to pounce. You can a very real perspective of how HRT vs no HRT works, I enjoyed reading your blog.

  2. Thanks Chris. I do want to go off them at some time, just not sure when. I also looked at the price of the material and the compounding charge. Crazy! I would say 95% of the amount was their charge. If I could find something that came close with both the estrogen and progesterone stuff. It looks like they both come from yams. Thanks for stopping by.

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