Beauty in the Rain

Yesterdays walk was a bit chilly but beautiful.  The colors always seem to pop in the woods.  Not sure what these flowers are called but they are out now and the tryllums are almost gone.


If anyone knows, I would love to hear from you.  This is in N.E. Wisconsin.  Then there are these from last week.  I should know what they are but can’t remember.


And also there is this.



And the greens are so green.



To finish it off here is the well known, puddle in the road.



One thought on “Beauty in the Rain

  1. Love your pictures! – and I know what the first two are too! The first one is Granny’s Bonnets, or Aquilegia. I have them in my garden, and really like them. My favourite ones are bright red and yellow. The second ones are violets, and I have them in my garden too. Fungi are much harder (though I did spend a lot of time last year learning to identify common UK ones) – those are some sort of bracket fungus. Those tall slender trunks make me think of a cathedral!

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