Juneathon Day 2 yesterday

I was in the car and headed to my sisters house, 36 miles away at 9am. I told her I would be her personal trainer but she had to pay me.  She makes the most beautiful quilts and I needed  something for our bed for the warmer weather. We have a double size bed and she had the first one she ever did on her long arm sitting in a closet.  She wanted to give it to me but I told her to put a price on it.  She was too low, so I put a price on it and it came to about 8 sessions.  Yesterday was our 2nd session.  It’s a drive but it gives me a chance to see if this is something I want to do, using her a my guinea pig and helping her.  She tends to start something and does not finish.  She is up to her highest weight ever this last year and is back smoking cigs.  She is a two time breast cancer survivor and our Mother died of lung cancer so you would think that would mean something to her.  It has to be mostly in her head.  I told her yesterday that it is one of the things she has control over in her insecure life and it’s part of the reason she continues with it.  She agreed.  Soooooo……  I, being the oldest sibling have this need to fix her.  I don’t push and I told her it is her demon and I can only be here for her.  Anyway, back to yesterday.  We did our strength training workout and it kicked both of our butts.  It was a good time.  It is a good time to be back in Wisconsin for many reasons.  She is one of them.  We worked out for about 40 minutes and then I see on MFP that she went out and did more work.  She tore the liner out of her pond and that was hard for her.

Today is raining again but I will get out there and run.  I saw the radar and it looks like we will have a break in a while.  Will take a rain pic, my pic from the other day did not come out very well.

This is the quilt, she had washed it and had it hanging on the line when I got there.  It looks great on the bed.Image


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