I Am The Oldest!

I am the oldest of 8 and a woman.  Until about 10 years ago, that didn’t mean much.  After reading The Birth Order Book and doing some, sit back and pay attention work, I think it does matter.  I am not as annoyed at “the kids” anymore and don’t try to make them into who I think they should be, at least not as much.  I do find myself trying to fix everyones problems, always have.  I am the one they all call when there is a medical issue, like I am some kind of a doctor.  I am 58 now and with a whole bunch of life experience behind me so I do a lot of self awareness work and also sibling awareness.  I may be the only one of the eight who pays attention to the dynamics of our family. Some might but most don’t care and that’s fine.  It is so interesting at family functions now.  We have 2 babies in the family as my Dad died young and Mom remarried.  They had 2 girls to finish it up.  Everyone is so different even though we were raised by the same people.  I am 15 months older than my sister and we are opposites.  We have always had an “interesting” relationship.  Things are better now that I have become aware.  I try to communicate with her about all this and it’s getting better. Now we are both aware.

My son is an only and that is a whole other blog.  Onlies and oldests are a lot alike.

I can almost tell when someone is an oldest or baby when I have a few conversations with them.  I don’t do it all the time and normally won’t tell them my observation.  Do you observe your family when you all get together?

Picture is from about 1980.  Image


5 thoughts on “I Am The Oldest!

  1. It was a good book. There are a few out there. I read that one and have another on my kindle. Very interesting and fun to watch sometimes when we all get together. I could go on and on about the dynamics sometimes. Thanks for visiting!

  2. Oh, I’m the oldest too, and about the same age as you. When I and my three younger brothers meet up, we drop straight back into our old roles, even now. Fascinating, isn’t it!

    • It is funny how we do that. Now that I am back in Wisconsin we are all within a couple hours of each other and get together a few times a year. The boys try not to let me be the boss, especially around their wives. But, like you said we all just fall in to it. My Michael is new to the family situation and always has some great insights after we leave the get togethers. It is fascinating.

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