C25K not so good on icy roads

Had to give up on the C25K for now. With the snow, then melt, then freeze, then snow… You get my meaning, right? Yesterday was just treacherous to even walk. I have to get out there in the fresh air, so I deal with it. But dealing with it means walking carefully on the roads and trudging down/up some of the trails. I love the snow, but not so much the ice. I live too far from a gym so am just doing the walk and also some lifting. Yesterday I went to the post office and waiting for me was my new fitbit and a new book, The New Rules of Lifting. I need to get to the big city and buy some heavier weights, kettlebells and a few other things. Loving the lifting. I don’t do so bad for a granny but want to be better, stronger and healthier. Lovin life!!2012-12-31_15-40-26_906


3 thoughts on “C25K not so good on icy roads

    • I run in the 5 finger vibrams and when I tried to switch to my old shoes just for the winter, I had the same foot pain as before. I guess I will just wait until there is less ice, more snow. Thanks for the link, though. I did see that a couple weeks ago and would’ve worked for me a couple years ago.

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