Cold C25K

So, I said two things yesterday that were incorrect.  There is no Week 1, Day 4.  There are only 3 days in a week.  Yesterday was Week 2, Day 1.  Other misspeak was, it was not 24 degrees F, it was 14.  My toes got colder than I wanted or expected.

I walked with my man the first 1 1/2 miles so did not run right away.  As soon as I took off, I felt my right calf.  It only got worse and I should’ve stopped running.  But not me, I still assume I am a 17 yr old in this old body.  Last night it was difficult to walk on it after sitting at the computer for a couple hours.  I have to keep it stretched out and it is okay to walk on but still sore.  I hate to do it but will take today off running or walking.  Will just make it a day to lift.  

I don’t know why I have the pain as I walked first and didn’t overdo.  I have read that the best warm up for a run is a run and usually do that, so a bit confused.  I have a couple other issues it could be.  One being a nerve sheath tumor behind my right knee, but that normally just affects my foot with strange little pains on the bottom.  The other issue I will address another time.  

Hope to run/walk tomorrow.  Will be cold, cold.  Below 10 degrees, they say.  


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