Wishing Your Life Away

I use to live for the weekend, the summer, a divorce, that new life.  How much of this precious little time we have here on this beautiful earth, do you wish away?  I stopped doing it a few years ago.  I don’t remember if it was the untimely death of a younger member of the family or my cancer or just an epiphany I had.  I try to look for good things every day.  At the end of my day I will make a list of 10.  Something as simple and beautiful as, I woke up next to my amazing man.  Or today I will add to my list that I had an emotional and painful moment with my sisters.  It made me think about our differences and that is all good.  I don’t like to waste any of my time on wishing for something else, especially something like hurrying life along.


Cold C25K

So, I said two things yesterday that were incorrect.  There is no Week 1, Day 4.  There are only 3 days in a week.  Yesterday was Week 2, Day 1.  Other misspeak was, it was not 24 degrees F, it was 14.  My toes got colder than I wanted or expected.

I walked with my man the first 1 1/2 miles so did not run right away.  As soon as I took off, I felt my right calf.  It only got worse and I should’ve stopped running.  But not me, I still assume I am a 17 yr old in this old body.  Last night it was difficult to walk on it after sitting at the computer for a couple hours.  I have to keep it stretched out and it is okay to walk on but still sore.  I hate to do it but will take today off running or walking.  Will just make it a day to lift.  

I don’t know why I have the pain as I walked first and didn’t overdo.  I have read that the best warm up for a run is a run and usually do that, so a bit confused.  I have a couple other issues it could be.  One being a nerve sheath tumor behind my right knee, but that normally just affects my foot with strange little pains on the bottom.  The other issue I will address another time.  

Hope to run/walk tomorrow.  Will be cold, cold.  Below 10 degrees, they say.  

Winter C25K

I am doing week 1, day 4 today.  I did the c25k last year and it really helped with a 5K I did in May.  I just registered for the same run and although I run periodically, I still feel like a rookie.  I would like to better or at least run my time from last year.  I moved back to NE Wisconsin last year but this is the first time I have run in the winter.  It is wonderful.  So much better than the heat and humidity of the summer.  Running in the new snow is like running on the beach.  Today it will be running on roads that have some ice so will have to be careful.  I ran last year at 31 min and right now am running closer to 39, so I have a way to go.  

I try to get my sisters to go outside instead of run on their treadmill but they won’t.  They say it is too cold.  That’s just wrong as they have lived here their entire lives, I left for 20 years.  Oh well, their loss.

It is about 24 degrees F out there which is just perfect.  I am wearing 5 finger vibrams and as long as I don’t get wet, my feet stay warm enough with the finger wool socks.  

Okay, I am off.

Just life stuff…

I am not a writer or a photographer or anyone who does anything really well.  But, I do like to write, take pictures and do things in a mediocre way.  I am just a 57 yr old woman who got divorced last year after being married most of my adult life, 35 yrs.  I am a mother to a 34 yr old son and a Nanny to 2 beautiful girls.  I am the oldest of 8 kids and we are all alive and kicking.  I am in a new relationship with an old high school friend and loving it.  I don’t have any unusual things to talk about, just stuff that seems to get into my head and needs to come out. I journal but thought I would do it here for the world or nobody to see.  I have new, exciting things happening in my life, at least to me.  I still have woundedness from my past.  I cry over stupid stuff and laugh more today than I ever have in my entire life.  I would love to hear what others have to say about their lives and see what they think about mine.  More to follow.  Right now I have dishes to do and a toilet to clean.